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Dr Jeremy Krikler

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Staff positionReader
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Jeremy Krikler took his Honours degree at the University of Cape Town and his doctorate at Oxford. Research into the South African rural world led to Revolution from Above, Rebellion from Below, a book on agrarian struggle and transformation in that country. Publications after that have focused on racial fears and violence, and the history of the white working class in South Africa. These studies culminated in the publication of  White Rising (published in paperback as The Rand Revolt ). Jeremy Krikler is now working on the eighteenth century British slave trade with a special focus on the notorious slave ship, The Zong.


Research interests

Supervision Interests

  • the history of race and class
  • peasant/agrarian history; labour history
  • comparative history
  • history of Southern Africa
  • history of imperialism
  • the slave trade.

Previous supervision topics include

The Zulu War; agrarian Botswana; racial killing in East St Louis; the politics and culture of empire day; political prisoners in South Africa; Chinese labour in the British Empire; women and mining in Zambia.

Teaching responsibilities

Undergraduate modules

HR294 – South and Southern Africa in the Twentieth Century
HR403 – Fictions of Empire

Postgraduate modules

HR903 – Race and Class in South Africa, Britain and the United States: Select Topics



  • White Rising: the 1922 insurrection and racial killing in South Africa (Manchester University Press, 2005), 405pp+xvii
  • Revolution from Above, Rebellion from Below: the Agrarian Transvaal at the Turn of the Century, (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1993), 261pp+xviii.

Edited Works

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  • with M. Sarakinsky, Special Issue on Agrarian Struggle in South Africa, Africa Perspective, New Series, Vol. 1, Nos 5 & 6, December 1987,


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