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Professor Tim Hatton BA, PhD (Warwick)

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Tim Hatton’s research is in economic history and applied economics. He has published extensively on the economic history of labour markets, including unemployment, poverty and migration. His research interests include the causes and effects of international migration, and policy on immigration and asylum. His books include Global Migration and the World Economy (co-authored with Jeffrey G. Williamson) (MIT Press, 2005) and Seeking Asylum in the OECD (CEPR, 2011). His recent research includes health and physical stature in Britain and Europe since the late nineteenth century and he is currently developing a project on heights in India and Indonesia. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (UK) and of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. He is also a Research Fellow of the CEPR (London) and the IZA (Bonn).

Research interests
  • Immigration and immigration policy
  • Asylum seekers and asylum policy
  • Health and the heights of children and adults in Europe since 1870
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Downloadable papers at:

Journal Articles (since 2010)

"Stature and Sibship: Historical Evidence," History of the Family (forthcoming)

" Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Policy in OECD Countries" American Economic Review (Papers& Proceedings), 106 (2016), pp. 441-445.

“Immigration, Public Opinion and the Recession in Europe,” Economic Policy, 86 (2016), pp. 205-246.

 “Health, Height and the Household at the Turn of the 20th Century,” (with R. Bailey and K. Inwood), Economic History Review , 69 (2006), pp. 35-53

“Asylum Policy in the EU: The Case for Deeper Integration,” CESifo Economic Studies, 61(2015), pp. 605-637.

“American Immigration Policy: The 1965 Act and its Consequences.” Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 117 (2015), pp. 347-368.

“The Economics of International Migration: A Short History of the Debate,” Labour Economics, 30 (2014), pp. 43-50.

"How have Europeans Grown so Tall?” Oxford Economic Papers, 66 (2014), pp. 349–372.

“Immigrant Selection in the OECD,” (with M. Belot), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 114 (2012) pp. 1105-1128. (Awarded best paper in the SJE 2012).

“Infant Mortality and the Health of Survivors: Britain 1910-1940,” Economic History Review, 64 (2011), pp. 951-972.

“Australian Unemployment in the Long Run, 1903-2007,” (with S. Bhattacharyya), Economic Record, 87 (2011), pp. 202-220.

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“The Effects on Stature of Poverty, Family Size and Birth Order: British Children in the 1930s,” Oxford Economic Papers, 62 (2010), pp. 157-184.


Recent invited/keynote presentations: 

“The Migration Crisis and Refugee Policy in Europe,” Giblin Lecture, University of Tasmania (15th September, 2016).

“Refugees and Asylum Seekers, the Crisis in Europe and the Future of Policy,” at Noise from America, European University Institute (12 June 2016).

“Refugees and Asylum Seekers, the Crisis in Europe and the Future of Policy,” at fRDB and IGIER-Bocconi joint conference on Immigration, Refugees and Asylum Policies (22 April 2016).

“Refugees and Asylum Seekers, the Crisis in Europe and the Future of Policy,” International Migration Institute, 10th Anniversary, Oxford (13 January 2016).

“The Slump and Immigration Policy in Europe,” at the University of Nottingham, Globalisation and Economic Policy series (12 March 2014).

“The Slump and Immigration Policy in Europe,” University of East Anglia, Contemporary Economic Issues series (10 February 2014).

“The Slump and Immigration Policy in Europe,” at the 3rd Conference on Immigration in OECD Countries,” OECD Paris (6 December 2013).

“The Economics of International Migration: A Short History of the Debate” at European Association of Labour Economists annual conference Memorial Session, University of Turin (19-21 September 2013).

“The Slump and Immigration Policy in Europe,” at the IMISCOE Annual Conference on “Crisis and Migration: Perceptions, Challenges and Consequences,” Malmö University (August 26-27 2013).

“American Immigration Policy: The 1965 Act and its Consequences” at NORFACE Migration Network Conference on "Migration: Global Development, New Frontiers", University College London (10-13 April 2013).

"How Have Europeans Grown So Tall?" Conference on Health Economics, Melbourne February 2013.

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