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Professor Melvyn Coles BA (Cambridge), MSc (Southampton), PhD (Princeton)

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After obtaining a first in Mathematics at Cambridge University,  Melvyn Coles took the MSc in Economics and Econometrics at Southampton University and then went on to study for his PhD in Economics at Princeton University. He has been professor of Economics at the University of Essex since 1997. During the years 2003-2006 he was instead an ICREA research fellow at the IAE (Barcelona).


PhD Economics [Princeton University].

Research interests
  • Equilibrium trade with frictions, especially labour
  • Marriage markets
Teaching responsibilities

    M.G. Coles and M. Francesconi (forthcoming) "On the Emergence of Toyboys: Equilibrium Matching with Ageing and Uncertain Careers," International Economic Review.

    K. Burdett,  C. Carrillo-Tudela and M.G. Coles (forthcoming) "Human Capital Accumulation and Labour Market Equilibrium, International Economic Review.

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    A. Booth and M.G. Coles (2010) Tax Policy and Returns to Education, Labour Economics.

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, 49, 1113-1141.
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vol. 45(2), pages 268-285.
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    M.G. Coles (1999) "A Short Essay on the Single Currency" winner of the Daily Telegraph Euro-essay prize (U.K.), published June 1st.

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