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Dr Stevphen Shukaitis

Position in departmentUndergraduate Admissions Selector (MMO)
Staff positionSenior Lecturer in Culture & Organization
Telephone01206 874283
Office hoursMondays 12-1 Tuesday 12-2

 BA, Sociology & Journalism (East Stroudsburg University), MA, Sociology (New School for Social Research), PhD, Social Theory & Analysis (Queen Mary, University of London)

Research interests

Teaching responsibilities

BE439 Business Ethics
BE435 Management, Society, and New Forms of Work 
BE418 Management and the Cultural Industries
SC968 Worker's Inquiry
SC973 Artist Collectives


Single Authored Books:
Imaginal Machines: Autonomy & Self-Organization in the Revolutions of Everyday Life (2009, Autonomedia)

Edited Books:
Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigation // Collective Theorization. Co-edited with David Graeber & Erika Biddle (2007, AK Press)

Berardi, Franco “Bifo” (2009) Precarious Rhapsody: Semiocapitalism and the pathologies of post-alpha generation. Co-edited with Erik Empson. London/New York: Autonomedia.

Guattari, Félix & Antonio Negri (2010) New Lines of Alliance, New Spaces of Liberty. London/New York: Autonomedia

Colectivo Situaciones (2011) 19 & 20: Notes for a New Social Protagonism. Co-edited with Malav Kanuga & James Blair. London/New York: Autonomedia.

Journal Issues Edited:
Subjectivity (forthcoming March 2012) special issue on “Collective Becomings”

Culture & Organization (forthcoming 2013) special issue on “Commodities & Markets”

ephemera: theory & politics in organization (with Steve Brown, Simon Lilley, and Ming Lim) Volume 10 Issue 2 “The State of Things,” May 2010.

the commoner (with Nate Holdren) Number 11 “Re(in)fusing the Commons,” 2006.

ephemera: theory & politics in organization (with Stephen Dunne and Eleni Karamali) Volume 5 Issue 4 “Inscribing Organized Resistance,” November 2005.

Greenpepper Magazine “Life Beyond the Market,” August 2004.

Book Chapters:
“Precarious Politics and Recomposing the Radical Imagination” (forthcoming) Maps of Precariousness: Forms and processes, social imaginaries and subjectivities. Bologna: I libri di Emil.

“Dance, Dance Recomposition: Recuperation & Its Discontents” (forthcoming) Alternatives in Culture: Critical theory and divergent practices in contemporary society. Columbus: Ohio State University Press.

“Nobody Knows What an Insurgent Body Can Do: Questions for Affective Resistance” (2011) Anarchism & Sexuality: Ethics, Relationships and Power. Ed. Jamie Heckert & Richard Cleminson. London: Routledge: 45-66.

“Run This Town; or, Cultural Workers Throw Down Yr Tools the Metropolis is on Strike” (2010) Critical Cities: Ideas, Knowledge and Agitation from Emerging Urbanists. London: Myrdle Court Press. Polish translation (2011) Wieczna Radość. Ekonomia Polityczna Społecznej Kreatywności. Warsaw: Wolny Uniwersytet: 385-397.

“Infrapolitics and the Nomadic Educational Machine” (2009) Contemporary Anarchist Studies: An Introduction to Anarchy in the Academy. Ed. Randall Amster et al. New York: Routledge: 166-174.

“Pirate Utopias” and “Worker Self-Management,” (2007) Dictionary of Utopia and Alternative Organisation. Ed. Martin Parker et al. London: Zed Books.

Journal Articles:
“Fascists as Much as Painters: Imagination, Overidentification, and Strategies of Intervention” (2011) Sociological Review Volume 59 Number 3: 597-615.

“In, Against, and Beyond the Empire Trilogy: Notes on Antagonism as Media Form” (2011) Journal of Communication Inquiry Volume 35 Number 4: 328-334.

“Sisyphus & the Labor of Imagination: Autonomy, Cultural Production and the Antinomies of Worker Self-Management” (2010) Affinities Volume 4 Number 1: 57-83.

“Space is the (non)Place: Martians, Marxists, and the Outer Space of the Radical Imagination” (2009) Sociological Review Volume 57 Issue 1. Oxford: Blackwell: 98-113.

“Affective Labor and Social Movements” (2010) Przegląd Anarchistyczny Number 11.

“Practice as a form of knowledge, knowledge as a form of action,” co-written with David Graeber (2009) Przegląd Anarchistyczny Number 9.

“Dancing Amidst the Flames: Imagination and Self-Organization in a Minor Key” (2008) Organization Volume 15 Number 5: 743-764. Lithuanian translation (2008) Athena: Filosfijos Studijos Number 4: 230-245.

“Plan 9 from the Capitalist Workplace: Insurgency, Originary Accumulation, Rupture” (2007) Situations: A Project of the Radical Imagination Volume 2 Number 2: 95-116.

“Mobicasting. Let 1,000 Machines Bloom,” co-written with Sophea Lerner and Adam Hyde, Framework: The Finnish Art Review Issue 4 (December 2005): 46-47. Also printed ephemera Volume 5 Number X (December 2005) 770-773.

“Space. Imagination // Rupture: The Cognitive Architecture of Utopian Political Thought in the Global Justice Movement,” Sussex Journal of Contemporary History 8, Spring 2005: 1-14.

“An Ethnography of Nowhere: Notes Towards a Re-envisioning of Utopian Thinking,” Social Anarchism Number 35 (January 2004): 5-13. Reprinted in New Perspectives on Anarchism. Ed. Nathan Jun and Shane Wahl (2010) Lexington Books.

“Organizing In, Around, and Despite the Academy,” with Michael Hardt, David Graeber, Stanley Aronowitz, Jeanette Gabriel, Brooke Lehman, and Luca Casarini, Radical Society Volume 30 Number 384 (October-November 2003): 87-95.

“Tragedy of the Common: Markedness and the Creation of Mundane Tragedy,” co-written with Rachel Lichtenfeld, Journal of Mundane Behavior 3.3 (September 2002): 391-401. Reprinted in The Curious Reader: Exploring Personal and Academic Inquiry, 2/E. Ed. Bruce Ballenger and Michelle Payne (New York: Longman, 2005)

Popular Writing:
“Temporary Hegemonic Zones (2011) Mute Magazine. Republished (2011) in State of Emergence: A Documentation of the First NSK Citizens’ Congress. Ed. Alexei Monroe (Leipzig: Plöttner Verlag): 197-203.

“The Wisdom to Make Worlds: Strategic Reality & the Art of the Undercommons” (2011) Creating Worlds, European Institute for Progressive Cultural Politics.

“Overidentification and/or bust?” (2010) Variant Issue 37.

“Never Art/work!” co-written with Erika Biddle (2010) Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Number 7.

“The Metropolitan Factory,” co-written with Valeria Graziano (2009) The City from Below: Baltimore’s Independent Reader Number 12. Japanese translation published in VOL: A Journal of Cultural Theory Number 5 (2009)

“Workers’ Inquiry, Militant Research, and the Business School” (2009) Fifth Estate Volume 44 Number 1.

“Scattered Speculations on the Notion of Inquiry” (2008) EduFactory Number 2: On Hierarchization and Autonomous Universities.

“Affective Composition and Aesthetics: On Dissolving the Audience and Facilitating the Mob” (2007) Journal of Aesthetics & Protest. Japanese translation appeared in VOL: A Journal of Cultural Theory Number 3 (2008).

“Revelation Vertigo” (2007) Fifth Estate Volume 42 Number 1.

“Citizenship Despite the State? Imagination, Incorporation, and the Evolution of the Global Sphere” (2007) Perspectives on Anarchist Theory Volume 11 Number 1: 78-83.

“Whose Precarity Is It Anyways?” (2006) Fifth Estate Volume 41 Number 3.

“Nietzsche ve Anarşizm Soruşturması” (with Lewis Call, Jesse Cohn, Karén Karapetyan, Todd May, and Simon Tormey) Siyahî 2.7 (Spring 2006): 8-25.

“Çokluk Üzerine Michael Hardt le Söyle” (Interview with Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, with Sureyyya Evren and Kurzad Kiziltug), Siyahi Issue 3 (Spring 2005).

“Contesto, creazione, comunità” (Context, creation, community), DeriveApprodi Volume 13 Number 3 (December 2003): 59-63.

Book Reviews:
“Below the Perceptible, the Political?” (forthcoming 2012) Rethinking Marxism. Review of Escape Routes: Control and Subversion in the 21st Century by Dimitris Papadopoulos et al.

“Beneath the Politics of Play” (2011) Political Media Review. Review of Queer Political Performance and Protest: Play, Pleasure, and Social Movement by Benjamin Shepard

“Deleuze & (Which) Politics?” (2010) Culture Machine. Review of Deleuze & Politics, Ed. Ian Buchanan and Nicholas Thoburn.

“Operaismo, Autonomia, and the Emergence of New Social Subjects,” Perspectives on Anarchist Theory Volume 9 Number (Fall 2005): 59-63. Review of Grammar of the Multitude by Paolo Virno, State Work: Public Administration and Mass Intellectuality by Stefano Harney, and Storming Heaven: Class Composition and Struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism by Steve Wright

“The Revolution Will Not be Engineered: Community Planning, Rationality, and the Quest for Utopia,” New Formulation Volume 2 Number 2 (December 2003): 31-35. Review of Sustainable Communities: The Potential for Eco-Neighborhoods edited by Hugh Barton and Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed by James C. Scott

Study areas

Currently I supervise the following PhD students
Amir Elmi Keshtiban  (Management, Essex)
Joanna Figiel (Cultural Policy Management, City)
Christopher Collier (Art History, Essex)
Marc Herbst (Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths)
Tyler Hinson (Work & Organization, Essex)

Previously I have examined the following PhDs:
Paolo Plotegher (2012, Goldsmiths, Visual Cultures)
Kasper Opstrup Frederiksen (2014, Birkbeck, Cultural Studies)
Iberia Pérez González (2015, Essex, Art History)

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