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Dr Christina Volkmann MBA, M.A.

Position in departmentEmployability Director/Personal Tutor
Staff positionLecturer in Management
Telephone01206 872194
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Before becoming an academic, I worked in the publishing industry in the UK in the areas of Commissioning and Foreign Rights Sales.  Looking for a career change, I embarked on an MBA at the University of Exeter, where I subsequently completed my PhD in Management Studies.  My academic work then took me to the Swansea University before joining this University in 2010.

My education was in Germany at the University of Münster where I obtained an M.A. in English Philology, German Philology, and Mass Media/Communication Sciences.  As part of my studies, I also spent a happy year at the University of York (a long time ago...).


PhD & MBA (Exeter), M.A. (Münster, Germany)

Current research

My current research focuses on several areas linked to my general conceptual interests as outlined below, relating to leadership,  critical entrepreneurship studies, and business history/philanthropy/regional development.  I am currently collaborating on a project relating dance-based practice and kinaesthetic/spatial knowledge to leadership.  A consultancy-based project focuses on self-leadership practices in the changing world of community-based healthcare provision. Based on my interest in ethnography, another collaborative project traces the identity work of an entrepreneur over time.  And last but by no means least, I am also working on a project tracing the past, present and future of philanthropic engagement of SMEs in a historically economically prosperous, but now structurally weak region of Germany.

Research interests

My background in literary criticism and philology informs my theoretical approach in terms of textual, interpretative, and hermeneutic practice. In previous research, I have related to one another aspects of literary theory and organization studies, for example in an ethnographic study of a large German research library.  Viewing organizations as texts that are continually constituted and re-constituted has also lead me to an interest in the 'textures' of organization as expressed in spatial arrangements of organization and their architectural structures.  Based on the concept of text constitution in the context of (edition) philology, I have developed an interest in the historical structures of organization, e.g. as expressed in business/organizational history.

Teaching responsibilities
BE420 - Leadership in Organisations (Spring Term 2016/17)

BE431 - Business Strategy (Spring Term 2016/17)

PublicationsLink to publications for Christina Volkmann

“Four close readings on introducing the literary in organizational research (Or, ‘how to set the field back by at least a decade?’)” – Paper presented at the Second Conference of Practical Criticism in the Social Sciences, The Management Centre, University of Leicester, January 8-9, 2009. (With C. De Cock)

 “The Organisation and the City: A Dialogue About Berlin” – Paper presented at the 26th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS), Manchester, July 1-4, 2008. (With T. Beyes)


“Myths of the Near Past: Envisioning Financial Times anno 2007” – Paper presented at the 1st Workshop on Imagining Business, Said Business School, Oxford, June 26-27, 2008. (With J. Fitchett and C. De Cock)

“A 'real' fairytale: Exploring fictional writing as a way of speaking about the organization.” – Paper presented at ‘The Novel and Organization’, a workshop hosted by the department of Accounting, Finance and Management at the University of Essex, May 10-12, 2007.

“Watching What Happens… Behind the Scenes of an Ethnography.” – Paper presented at the 22nd EGOS Colloquium, Bergen, Norway, July 6-8, 2006.

“Rediscovering Modernity.” – Paper presented at the Management History Research Group Seminar, University of Bristol, June 5-6, 2006. (With C. De Cock.)

“The Bauhaus as Business School: Antinomies and Analogies.” – Paper presented in the stream ‘Whither the MBA? The Forms, Prospects and Critiques of the MBA (and Business School 'Education')’ at the 2005 Critical Management Studies Conference, Cambridge, July 4-6, 2005.

“The Bauhaus as Business School: Antinomies and Analogies.” – Paper presented at the 2nd Art of Management and Organization Conference, Paris, France, September 7-10, 2004.

“Silence and Organization Studies: Prospecting the (Un)sayable.” – Paper presented at the 18th EGOS Colloquium, Barcelona, Spain, July 4-6, 2002. 

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