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Professor Shahzad Uddin

Position in departmentDirector, Essex Accounting Centre
Staff positionProfessor of Accounting
Telephone01206 874150
RoomEBS 3.47
Office hoursTuesday: 09.00 - 11.00 Wednesday: 09:00 - 10.00

Shahzad Uddin is a Professor of Accounting and the Director of Essex Accounting Centre. He is a qualified cost and management accountant. Currently, Shahzad is the co-editor of Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies (JAEE). Shahzad is the founding chair of British Accounting Association special interest group – Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies (AFEE).

Shahzad began his academic career at Islamic University. Shahzad received his MSc in accounting and finance from UMIST, UK. He received his PhD in management accounting from University of Manchester. Prior to Essex, he was at Queen’s University Belfast, UK. Shahzad moved to the University of Essex in 2002 as a lecturer prior to becoming a professor of accounting at Essex Business School in 2010. Shahzad has published on corporate governance, management accounting controls and corporate social responsibility in wide variety of contexts including Greece, China, Japan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, Ghana and Uganda.


MSc and PhD (Manchester); FCMA

Research interests
  • Management accounting
  • Corporate Governance, CSR and Sustainability
  • Accounting and Development issues in Emerging Economies
Teaching responsibilities
  • BE154 International Management Accounting
  • BE951 Research Methods and Methodologies in Accounting

Publications since 2014


Corporate Social Disclosure, Traditionalism and Politics: A Story from a Traditional Setting, Journal of Business Ethics.

Human Rights Disasters, Corporate Accountability and The State: An Emerging Economy Case, Accounting, Auditing, Accountability Journal

New Public Mannagement, Cost Savings, Regressive Effects: A Case from a Less Developed Country, Critical Perspectives on Accounting. 

Social Capital, Networks and Interlocked Independent Directors: A Mexican Case, Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies.

Theorising Management Accounting Practices in Less Developed Countries, the Routledge Companion to Performance Management and Control.

Management Accounting in Public Sector in Emerging Economies: A Literature Review, Critical Perspectives on Accounting.


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Publications (2008-2013):


A Consulting Giant; a Disgruntled Client: a ‘Failed’ Attempt to Change Management Controls in a Public Sector Organisation, Financial Accountability and Management, Vol. 29, pp. 189-205.

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Management Controls in Family-Owned businesses (FOBs): A Case Study of an Indonesian Family-Owned University, Accounting Forum, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 62-74, 2008.


Some Selected Earlier Publications

A Bangladeshi Soap Opera: Privatisation, Accounting, and Regimes of Control in a Less Developed Country, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol. 26, No. 7/8, pp. 643-672, 2001.

The State They're In: Management Accounting in Developing Countries, Financial Management, June, pp. 14-19, 2003.

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Public Sector Reforms and the Public Interest: A Case Study of Performance Monitoring in a Ghanaian State-Owned Enterprise (SOE), Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal Vol.18, No.5, pp. 648-675, 2005.

Additional information

Major Honours and Grants Received:

JSPS Fellowship, 2014-15

Grant Received from the British Academy for a research project, £7500, 2007-08

Grant received from the Nuffield Foundation for a research project, £7,240, 2003-2005

Grant received from CIMA, UK for a research project £34,000, 1999–2002

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