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Professor Claudia Girardone

Position in departmentDirector of the Essex Finance Centre

Associate Research Director

Personal Tutor
Staff position
Professor of Banking and Finance
Telephone01206 874156
RoomEBS 3.18 (Colchester Campus)
Office hoursSummer 2016

By appointment only.

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BA (Genoa, Italy); MA; PhD (Bangor, Wales)

Research interests

  • Modelling efficiency and productivity of financial institutions
  • Integration in banking and financial markets
  • SMEs finance
  • Structure and performance in European and Latin American Banking
  • Competition issues in banking
  • Bank corporate governance

Teaching responsibilities
  • BE300 Quantitative Methods and Finance
  • BE632 International Banking
  • BE650 Modern Banking



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• Annual Conference of the European Association of University Professors in Banking and Finance ('Wolpertinger’ conference) University of Granada, Spain, September 3-6.

• British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA), The University of Manchester, 23-25 March.

• Seminars (Invited)  "Bank Capital and Profitability: An International Perspective", King's College, 5 March; University of Kent, 10 March; University of Glasgow, 11 March.


• 4th Emerging Scholars in Banking and Finance Conference 2014, Cass Business School, 8-9 December (member of scientific committee and session chair).
• “Bank Leverage: the Policy Issues” MMF conference, London Queen Mary, 7 November (Invited). 
• “Vulnerability, Crisis and Reform: Trends and Challenges in UK Banking”, Bite-sized lecture, 50th Anniversary of the University of Essex, 10 September.
• Annual Conference of the European Association of University Professors in Banking and Finance ('Wolpertinger’ conference) Catholic University of Milan, September 3-6.

• British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA), London School of Economics, 13-15 April.

• Seminar "Pay for No Performance? Executive Pay and Performance in EU banks", University College Dublin, 20 March (Invited); ICMA centre, University of Reading, 5 March (Invited).


• XXII International Conference on Money, Banking and Finance, Luiss Guido Carli, Rome 12-13 December.

• "Is Banking a Phoenix?" International workshop of the Financial Intermediation Network of European Studies (FINEST), Associazione Bancaria Italiana and University of Rome III, 11 December.

• Seminar "Market Conditions and Soundness: Islamic and Conventional Banks in the Middle East and North Africa", University of Sussex, 26 November (Invited).

• Annual Conference of the European Association of University Professors in Banking and Finance ('Wolpertinger’ conference) Gothenburg, September.

• International Conference on the Global Financial Crisis, University of Southampton, 25-26 April.

• Seminar "Multimarket Contacts, Profits and Market Power: Evidence from Leasing", Catholic University of Milan, 12 April (Invited).


Additional information


Journal of Banking and Finance (2013-)

The European Journal of Finance (2011-)

Journal of Financial Economic Policy (2011-)

International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance (2007-)

Journal of Money, Investment and Banking (2007-)


Applied Financial Economics; Banca, Impresa e Societa’; Borsa Istanbul Review; Ekonomia; Emerging Markets, Finance and Trade; European Economic Review; European Journal of Finance; European Journal of Operational Research; Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments; Frontiers in Finance and Economics; International Journal of Banking, Finance and Accounting; International Journal of Business and Economics; International Transactions in Operational Research; Journal of Applied Economics; Journal of Asian Economics; Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting; Journal of Economic Studies; Journal of Economics and Business; Journal of Financial Stability; Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade; Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research; Journal of Money Credit and Banking; Journal of Multinational Financial Management; Journal of Productivity Analysis; Quantitative Finance; Omega, The International Journal of Management Science; Pacific-Basin Finance Journal; Research in Accounting in Emerging Economies; Review of International Economics; World Journal of Financial Management.

I have acted as project evaluator for the ESRC (once) and Leverhulme (once).

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