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Professor Simon Lucas PhD, SMIEEE

Position in departmentHead of School
Staff positionProfessor
Telephone01206 874431 / 2048

Member of the Robotics Research Group and Intelligent Systems Research Group

Simon Lucas is a Professor in CSEE where he leads the Game Intelligence Group.  His main research interests are in artificial intelligence and games, evolutionary computation and reinforcement learning.  He is the founding editor-in-chief of the IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and Games which launched in 2009 and had its first impact factor in 2012 of 1.62, which is excellent for a new journal.  He has published more than 160 peer-reviewed papers and as of March 2013 had an H-Index of 26 according to Google Scholar (meaning that 26 of his papers had 26 or more citations).  

Professor Lucas co-founded the IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games and has played a major rol as general chair or program chair of many international conferences, including the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (2006) and Parallel Problem Solving From Nature (2008).  He plays an active role in organising AI competitions, and together with members of the game intelligence group has organised competitions on Ms Pac-Man and the Physical Travelling Salesman Problem (PTSP).  He has been an invited keynote or tutorial speaker at many international conferences including PPSN, IEEE CEC, IEEE CIG and ICGI.  He is currently principal investigator on the EPSRC Grant: UCT for Games and Beyond, and has been involved with several knowledge transfer projects.


BSc Computer Systems Engineering, University of Kent (1986)

PhD Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton (1991)

Current research

My current research is on general intelligence in games, and its applications: how can we design agents that can be dropped into new situations and yet behave in intelligent human-like ways.  When we have such agents (and we already do, to some extent), they can be used to provide richer more immersive experiences for human players, and also to automatically play-test games.

Research interests
  • Games
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Reinforcement Learning

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Teaching responsibilities

Recently taught: CE318, Games Console Programming and CE152, Object-Oriented Programming.

Currently teaching: CE881: Mobile and Social Application Programming.


List of Publications

Additional information

 Recent awards:  

  • Best Paper prize, IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games, Granada 2012 (more details).
  • Winner of British Computer Society Machine Intelligence Competition, 2012 (more details).

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