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Professor Roderick Main MA Oxon., PhD Lanc.

Position in departmentUndergraduate Director; Progress Officer; Academic Offences Officer; Director, Centre for Myth Studies; Principal Investigator, 'One world: logical and ethical implications of holism' (AHRC-funded project)
Staff positionProfessor
Telephone01206 874842
Office hoursBy appointment; please email
Research interests
  • Historical, philosophical, religious and cultural contexts of the work of C. G. Jung;
  • Depth psychology (especially Jungian psychology), religion and modernity;
  • Analytical psychology and society;
  • Synchronicity;
  • Myth.
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Additional information

I am currently supervising the following PhD students: 

  • Luis Moris, 'Post-mortal phenomena, C. G. Jung, and his psychology'
  • John Boyle, 'An investigation into the influence of western esoteric traditions upon psychoanalytic theories of mind'
  • Orsolya Lukacs, 'A study on the historical and theoretical connection between Jung and Einstein' (co-supervised with Dr Kevin Lu)
  • Mark Saban, 'The dialectical psyche: opposites and their tensions within Jung's psychology' (co-supervised with Dr Matt ffytche)
  • Huseyin Firat, 'The Jungian process of individuation in Sufism'
  • Xiao You, 'Archetype and archetypal image in Chinese myths and legends'
  • Henriette Heide-Jorgensen, 'Religion and transformation'
  • Valeria Cespedes, 'The Virgin Mary in Zeitoun: an investigation of the Marian apparitions'
  • Steve Myers, 'Mythology for Christians: dreaming onwards the Christian myth'

I have supervised the following successful doctoral theses:

  • Giovanni Colacicchi, 'Jung and ethics: a conceptual exploration' (2016, PhD)
  • Patrick Schotanus, 'The archetypal market hypothesis: a complex psychology perspective on the market's mind' (2016, PhD; co-supervised with Professor Andrew Wood, Essex Business School)
  • Christian McMillan, 'The "image of thought" in Jung's "Whole-Self": a critique' (co-supervised with Dr Matt ffytche) (2015, PhD)
  • Christina Sjöström, 'Searches for s/Self: personal and spiritual transformation in Jung's psychology and holistic spirituality' (2015, PhD)
  • Teodora Velletri, 'Mircea Eliade and C. G. Jung: a comparative study' (2015, PhD)
  • Marcel van den Akker, '"To be full of things is to be empty of God": renunciation in Catholicism and analytical psychology' (2013, PhD)
  • Mathew Mather, 'The alchemical Mercurius: esoteric symbol of Jung's life and works' (2013, PhD)
  • David Henderson, 'Apophatic elements in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis: Pseudo-Dionysius and C. G. Jung' (2012, PhD; external supervisor for Goldsmiths College, University of London)
  • Kevin Lu, 'Jung and history'  (2011, PhD)
  • Christine Driver, 'The Holy Mother and the shadow of death: the psychological impact of conflated shadows and Catholicism' (2009, D. An. Psych.)
  • Lloyd Keane, 'Routes of wholeness: Jung and the western esoteric tree of life' (2006, PhD)
  • Trudy Bendayan, 'Ecce mulier: Nietzsche and the eternal feminine—an analytical psychological perspective' (2005, PhD)
  • Lucy Huskinson, 'Nietzsche and Jung: the whole self in the union of opposites' (2002, PhD; co-supervised with Professor Simon Critchley)

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