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Professor Christine A. Raines

Position in departmentHead of School
Staff positionProfessor of Plant Molecular Physiology
Telephone01206 873310

Posts & Training
October 1985      Post-doctoral Researcher, Institute of Plant Science Research, Cambridge.

August 1988        Lecturer, Department of Biology, University of Essex
October 1995      Senior Lecturer, Biological Sciences, University of Essex
October 2002      Reader, Biological Sciences, University of Essex
October 2004      Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Essex

February - April 2000   Visiting Fellow, RSBS, ANU, Canberra 

  • Editor in Chief of the Journal of Experimental Botany
  • Member of SEB Plant Section Committee
  • Member of SEB Council

Current research

Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers: Andrew Simkin, Patricia Lopez

PhD Students: Amani Abuzaid, Stuart Fisk, Bandar Aljuaid, Saqer Alotaibi

External Research Collaborations

Professor Matin Parry Rothamsted Research, UK

Professor Stephen Long, Illinois, US

Research interests

My main research interest is in primary carbon metabolism which started with the isolation and characterisation of the genes encoding the enzymes of the Calvin cycle. Since 1995 a major focus in my laboratory has been to investigate the relative importance of individual enzymes in the Calvin cycle in controlling the rate of carbon fixation and plant growth. We are now extending this work to study the regulation of carbon metabolism by investigating the stromal proteins that regulate the Calvin cycle enzymes. I am also interested in how growth of plant in elevated CO2 affects photosynthetic capacity in field conditions

  • Transgenic manipulation of chloroplast carbon metabolism - identification of factors limiting photosynthesis and yield
  • Proteomic approaches to redox mediated protein-protein interactions in the regulation of metabolism
  • The role of plant biotechnology in the production of plants for improved yield for food and fu
  • Photosynthetic carbon metabolism and links to thiamine biosynthesis

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Additional information

Current Funding

BBSRC Manipulation of photosynthetic carbon metabolism in wheat to improve yield    2012-2015 

BBSRC Metabolic engineering to enhance photosynthesis based on empirical data and in silico modeling 2012-2015 

Illnois-Gates subcontract  RIPE project - Re-engineering of carbon metabolism 2013-2017

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