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Dr Terry McGenity

Staff positionReader in Environmental Microbiology
Telephone01206 872535

2013 - now - Reader in Environmental Microbiology, University of Essex, UK

2006 - 2013 - Senior Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology, University of Essex, UK

2003 - 2006 - Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology, University of Essex, UK

1999 - 2003 - Senior Research Fellow, Biological Sciences, University of Essex, UK

1995 - 1999 - Research Fellow, PRIS, University of Reading, UK

1994 - 1995 - Researcher, Japan Marine Science and Technology Centre, Japan

1994 - Ph.D., University of Leicester, UK (Microbial Ecology)

1988 - B.Sc. (Hons.), University of Leicester, UK (Biological Sciences)

Current research

NERC-funded projects

Microbial degradation of isoprene in the terrestrial environment

Coastal biodiversity and ecosystem service sustainability, CBESS 

The key role of DOM in regulating microbial diversity, community structure and organic carbon cycling in arctic lakes 

Research Students

Tivkaa Amande

Dave Clarke 

Gordon Murphy

Tamaraukepreye Odubo 

Claudia Saenz Marta 

Daniel Silas-Olu 

Research interests
Broad areas of research interest
  • Activities of, and interactions between, microbes and their effects on past and present environments
  • Carbon cycling in marine and estuarine environments, e.g. isoprene degradation and production, cycling of extracellular polymeric substances
  • Pollution microbiology, e.g. microbial ecology of petroleum hydrocarbon-polluted marine and groundwater environments
  • Extremophiles, e.g. the influence of high salt concentrations, different types of solute, and multiple stressors on microbial physiology and ecology
  • Biotechnological applications of extremophiles
  • Long-term survival of microorganisms and preservation of cellular macromolecules

Graphical summary of Terry McGenity's research activities

Key words

environmental microbiology, microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, community ecology, biogeography, ecophysiology, taxonomy, metagenomics, biotechnology, bioremediation, extremophiles, halophiles, hydrocarbons, isoprene

Other Activities

  • co-Editor of the 17-volume Protocols in Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology (Springer) to be published in print in 2016
  • Chair of the scientific and organising committee for the Molecular Microbial Ecology Group Conference (MMEG 2013), Colchester, UK (Dec 2013)
  • Chair of the scientific and organising committee for Halophiles-2007 - International Congress Exploring Life at High Salinity, Colchester, UK (2007)
  • Co-organizer of the 1st International Symposium on Applied Molecular Microbiology in Oil Systems, Colchester, UK (2007)
  • Co-convenor of the SGM symposium on Extremophiles, Nottingham, UK (2010)
  • NERC Core Panel Member (2013 - )
  • Member of the Society for General Microbiology
  • Member of the editorial board for Environmental Microbiology
Teaching responsibilities

Module organiser

MSc Biotechnology: BS937 Industrial Biotechnology: Enzymes, Biochemicals and Biomaterials

Second-year undergraduate module: BS253 Microbial Diversity and Biotechnology

Other module teaching

BS141 Life Science Key Skills

BS705 Tropical Marine Resources

BS707 Methods in Tropical Marine Biology

BS934 Gene Technology and Synthetic Biology

BS982 Genomics


Other roles

Senior Board Member on the EnvEast Doctoral Training Programme


See Google Scholar or the Essex repository

Additional information

Opportunities to Study

Enquiries from students or postdoctoral researchers who are interested in carrying out research in my group are very welcome.

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