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Mr Grigorios Kalliatakis

Staff positionPhD Student

I am a 2nd year Ph.D. student in computer vision at Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE) school of University of Essex, with an awarded doctoral scholarship. I work at Embedded and Intelligent Systems (EIS) Research Laboratory where I am advised by Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier. My research interests range on various topics in computer vision and machine learning. Among other things, I am working on deep convolutional networks and AI tasks like scene understanding and large-scale image recognition.
Prior to enrolling at Essex, I completed two postgraduate programmes: (a) Msc in Computer Vision at the University of Dijon in France and (b) Msc in Informatics & Multimedia at the Technological Education Institute of Crete in Greece.
Before that, I received my BSc in Informatics Engineering from the Technological Education Institute of Crete, Greece.
My current research examines the detection of human rights violations utilising digital images.

I am also fortunate to serve as a graduate research assistant for the Natural Interaction Research Team (NIRTeam), based at theTechnological Educational Institute of Crete's Department of Informatics Engineering, as well as being a member of the official community of current and former VIBOT (Erasmus mundus masters in vision & robotics) students.

  • 2015 - Present  University of Essex PhD in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
  • 2013 - 2015     University of Dijon (VIBOT-International Programme in VIsion and RoBOTics) Master in Computer Vision, Upper Second Class
  • 2013 - 2015     Technological Educational Institute of Crete (Department of Informatics Engineering) Master in Informatics and Multimedia, First Class
  • 2007 - 2013     Technological Educational Institute of Crete (Department of Informatics Engineering) BA Engineer of Applied Informatics and Multimedia, First Class
Current research

In order to support the continued growth of images and videos in human rights and international humanitarian law monitoring campaigns, my study concentrates on how vision-based systems can provide complementary data to operational human rights monitoring efforts. The main objective of my work is to tackle the human rights violate conduct detection problem, by exploiting a context-based vision system in order to find a solution to this untrodden problem.

Research interests
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Scene Understanding
  • Image Processing
  • Image Analysis
  • Algorithms 

Teaching responsibilities

Graduate Laboratory Assistant (GLA) in: CE101-4-FY-CO: Professional Development


 A complete list of my publications is available on my Google Scholar profile.

Study areas

SupervisorProf. Klaus McDonald-Maier
Additional information

 For more information please visit my personal website @

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