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Welcome new students

Arriving at Southend

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Get prepared for your first day

It's time to get prepared for when you set foot on campus. That’s why we’ve put new steps in place to protect your health and wellbeing, so you can feel reassured when you get here.

If you’re contracted to stay in university accommodation and you need to self-isolate in order to join us and be ready to begin at the start of term, we will also be offering two weeks free accommodation

Let the fun (and studying) commence!


Things to do when you arrive

Move in to your accommodation 

One of the first things you’ll probably want to do when you arrive is get settled into your home. If you’re travelling from outside of the UK, you’ll be able to quarantine on our Southend campus for 14 days.

If restrictions are in place which mean you are required to self-isolate on arrival in the UK, we will supply up to two weeks of accommodation to new students, free-of-charge if you’re contracted to stay in university accommodation on campus. Your self-isolating accommodation will consist of a single bedroom within a cluster flat, where some facilities will be shared with other students in your household. Our accommodation allows you to walk to your lectures with ease and there are also many private accommodation options which are in walking distance of the campus, so you don’t have to use public transport.

Check back here soon for more details on collecting your key and moving into your new accommodation.

Get registered

Once you register you become an official member of our community and get full access to our facilities and services. You can start your University registration online, once you’ve received an email from our registration team.

You’ll need to register at the right time for your course. Make sure you look at your registration schedule to see when you and your classmates are due to register.

Attend your departmental induction

Your departmental induction is your essential opportunity to learn more about your department and your course, and to talk with key members of staff like your personal tutor. You’ll also have the chance to meet the people you’re going to be studying with.

For those who would feel more comfortable attending online, we’re offering a range of ways for you to engage from virtual classrooms to the use of technologies like Zoom, to keep you in the loop. Whatever you choose we want to ensure you are able to continue your studies where you feel safest.

Your department will be in touch in September with more details and we’ll also be sharing everything on our events pages.

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Students in Southend)
Students in Southend
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Family member of a new student?

Are you a parent, guardian or family member? Here's some helpful information to put your minds at rest.