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Andrew's story

Andrew Simpson

"I think the most important things are love, courage and understanding"

We came to Essex about 16 years ago because of my wife’s desire to own a horse. We lived in London and my wife always wanted to have a horse, so we decided that we could come here and buy some land, so she could have a horse.

 I like to think that I don’t struggle much in life. But, my eldest daughter is 16, so I slowly realise that she is on the edge of taking charge of her life, and until now we’ve been able to look after her, and everything’s been fine, but it’s a bit daunting. It is a difficult world for young people… It’s not my struggle, but I suppose I will be taking that struggle with her.

I always wanted to be a scientist. I’m a psychologist now, but I started in a different area of science, as a molecular biologist. I didn’t enjoy working in that so much, but ever since I started to study psychology I have really enjoyed it; and it’s great to be able to do that combination of doing research and teaching. I research the development of children’s self-control and since I am on sabbatical at the moment, I’ll be able to focus on it fully.

I think the things that are the most important are: love, courage and understanding; and I really do try to remember them each day.


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