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Rowena's story

Rowena Field-Carter, BA Modern History student

"Just be a nice person."

Everyone thinks that if you study history, you will end up being a teacher, but I can see myself going down a different path. I got into journalism in my first year when I signed up to be part of Essex student media. I made loads of friends and built up a network of contacts. I’m just a massive music nerd. I play the guitar and a bit of keyboard, and I’m absolutely passionate about anything and everything about UK festival scenes, gigs, and up-and-coming artists. It would be great to go down the music-journalism route and combine the two things I am good at!

It feels pretty awesome to have been involved in the creation of Rebel, our new student magazine. Being Editor in Chief, producing the first printed publication for Rebel, and then starting up the website and just developing everything was amazing. The most challenging time in my second year was editing 80,000 words for the magazine, handing in an assignment, and having an exam in the same week. I still look through the magazine from time to time and am yet to find a mistake, which I can't believe!

My biggest struggle right now is trying not to view my third year as a paradox. I kind of feel that I really want uni to end because I can’t wait to get into the real word and start a career; it’s really exciting! But at the same time I don’t want to stop being a student because I don’t know where I will be this time next year, where I will be living, what job I will have, all these crazy fears... I know that a lot of friendships will change and I will have to make loads of choices that I don’t even know if I'm ready to make. There's a silver lining in this sadness, I suppose, but I’m finding it hard at the moment. I want to live every day as it comes, but also think about everything that is coming. I’m trying to find a way to balance it.

I’m happiest when I’m not thinking about being happy. It can be even the most random moments, like just sitting with friends and laughing, and I don’t think about it at the time, but then, when I’m stressed and under a million deadlines, I realize that it was a good time.

I’m trying to be understanding of other people, because you never know what other people are going through, so just take it easy. Just be a nice person.


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