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"I am very fascinated by how you can read an entire history of a person in a single case study."

Receiving a PHD Scholarship from AHRC was definitely a pivotal moment in my academic career because without it I wouldn’t able to study a PHD, essentially. It required a lot of work, not just from me but also my supervisors and other people from my department so I think that was my biggest achievement so far.

I didn’t know that I could do a PHD and be so young. I come from Lithuania where a PHD is something that people do when they have already reached something in terms of their careers. After my MA I realised that I wanted to explore psychoanalysis a bit more and it encouraged to think about and plan my research further, but I think that if I had not done my MA, I would probably not be on a PHD adventure currently!

I studied everything at Essex, just different subjects. I did my undergraduate in Philosophy and Literature, and then I did my Masters in Psychoanalysis, and now my PHD in Psychoanalysis.

Initially I was sort of lost between Philosophy and Psychology. To me, psychoanalysis stands as a combination between the two. It is still investigating the psychological aspect of the human mind, but it is not necessarily doing so in statistical or quantitative measurements. After all, there are things you can’t measure when it comes to psychological analysis; you could not see feelings (as they are experience by the person) in a brain scan, for example. This hard-to-see stuff is what really interests me.

I am really inspired by real, tangible clinical cases, so my PhD is focused on cases methodology and how hard it is to encapsulate an entire individual in a single case study. Getting a correct diagnosis for an individual is crucial, so there is a practical aspect to this. I am also very fascinated by how you can read an entire life history of a person in a single case and, of course, the limitations that this brings because there is no method that measures the entirety of a person. This is why I am so enthusiastic about combining different methods when it comes to diagnostics and mental health evaluations in general, and I hope that my research can make an impact to this.


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