Engagement schemes


The aim of LittleChoicesBigChanges is to encourage students to save energy when living in University halls of residence.

We take part in the campaign each year to reduce our carbon footprint and to help you learn about sustainable behaviour.


  • Save energy by switching off what’s not in use (including chargers, screens and lights).
  • Boiling the kettle? Only fill with what you need.
  • Take a reusable cup to cafes on campus and save up to 25p when you buy a hot drink.


  • Put tin cans, card & paper, plastic bottles & trays in your mixed recycling.
  • Put glass bottles & jars in the glass bin.
  • Non-recycling waste and food leftovers should go in general waste.  


  • Dripping tap? Broken Window? Flickering lights? Report faults to Estates by emailing us.
  • Always put your litter in a bin – keep campus looking beautiful!
  • Put wipes, sanitary products, floss, cotton buds etc. in the bin – don’t flush them down the toilet.  
Two students sitting by a lake on campus
Green Impact

An environmental accreditation programme run with support from the NUS. Bringing staff and students in a department together in a team and provides them with a tangible framework to make their department more sustainable. The programme runs each academic year.

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