Student Charter

At Essex we are a community. A diverse, global and inclusive community; a community that supports and encourages and respects every one of its members.

Supporting you to achieve success is at the heart of our mission. Our students are a diverse community of committed, engaged learners. When you join, we’ll expect a lot of you - but in exchange you’ll receive support and encouragement and a transformational education to achieve great things.

This Charter is a pledge that every member of our learning community signs up to when they join us. By signing up, you promise to uphold our values and to behave in ways that strengthen and support our community. We promise to support you at every stage of your journey with us. It is only through equal exchange and respect that our University will flourish and you will shine.

As an active member of our global learning community, you will be expected to strive for academic excellence and to engage fully with your course, your tutors and the transformational education on offer to you. You will be an active participant in all aspects of your learning journey, including your classes, lectures and other learning opportunities and will make full use of the learning resources we offer, such as the Library. We will use technology to monitor your engagement and success and to help you to avoid falling behind. If you are struggling, we expect and encourage you to ask for help. We will offer you a personal tutor, who can support and guide you on your journey.

If you have an opinion, we will encourage you to express it. We want you to grow your mind and your outlook and to try hard to do the very best you can. We will communicate with you regularly, ensuring you know what to do and when. We will support you to develop your knowledge and skills and be confident in their use. We will offer you language, study skills and IT support and will give you thorough and regular feedback on your work.

As an active participant in our community, you will behave in accordance with our Code of Student Conduct. You will respect your fellow students equally, regardless of their background or characteristics. If you witness or engage in behaviour that does not uphold our values, you and your fellow students will be supported to speak out and we will act. We will offer you information and guidance to help you to act where you see something contrary to our shared values. You will be listened to if you experience a problem and you will be taken seriously.

Your time at Essex will be a partnership. We want to challenge you to succeed and our student support services will be open to you. We will work together to support and guide your wellbeing. Our beautiful parkland, seaside locations and local green spaces will be available to you as places for rest and relaxation as well as for work. We will expect you to live at a pace that does not conflict with your educational obligations, ready to embrace and take advantage of the transformational experiences our University offers you.

Two woman talking at a helpdesk
Need help?

If you need any further help and advice, please contact or visit the Student Services Hub who will be happy to assist you.