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Software Hub

The Software Hub is the University’s software delivery service that gives you access to hundreds of applications wherever you are.


  • Free to use for all staff and students
  • Accessible on and off campus
  • Over 200 applications to choose from
  • Applications install at the click of a button - so no complicated set up instructions to follow

    Get started

    Sign in to the Software Hub
    • First time using the Software Hub? See our Software Hub set up for new users (.pdf) if you need help.
    • After you install an application from the Software Hub, you can open it as normal from your device's desktop or start menu.
    • Application details - click the "More Info" button. This will show you a description, any restrictions on its use, the support we can offer and the license.
    • Search for an application - press the "S" key on your keyboard to automatically take you to the search box.
    • If you can't find the application you're looking for - check the "Unavailable" tab as there are restrictions on some apps.

    Request a newer version of an application

    To request a newer version of an existing application:

    1. find the application in the Software Hub
    2. choose More Info
    3. choose the request a newer version option.

    Software requests for staff

    Use the Software Hub Request app to ask for new applications to be added to the Hub.

    Please note the request form can only be launched by University staff using a Windows PC on campus.

    Compatible devices

    Currently the Software Hub is only able to deliver software to Windows devices.

    If you use a device with a different operating system, for example macOS, when you sign in to the Software Hub you will get details on how you can access the software you need, if it’s available.

    Need help?
    Need help?
    Contact the IT Helpdesk
    Telephone: 01206 87 2345