Home Directory (M Drive)

All staff and students get a Home Directory, also known as your M: Drive, to store University related work.


  • At least 1 GB network storage space
  • Accessible from any computer on campus by going to your 'My Documents'
  • Backed up daily

Getting started

Requesting more storage space

Requests for more storage space is made on a case-by-case basis:

  • Undergraduate students: storage limits will only be increased for undergraduate students if a specific course requires it, in which case your course tutor should liaise with the IT Services Systems Group.
  • Postgraduate students: if you're a postgraduate student, ask your supervisor to email the IT Services Systems Group sgq@essex.ac.uk on your behalf.
  • Staff: if you're a member of staff, email the IT Services Systems Group sgq@essex.ac.uk.
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Need help?
IT Helpdesk
Telephone: 2345 (Colchester) 8341 (Southend)