Clearing 2021

Undertake summer reassessment in a combination of trailed and current year modules up to a maximum of 120 credits

If you have been offered this outcome, this means you have failed a combination of modules you trailed from the previous academic year and current year modules. Choosing this outcome means you can choose to undertake reassessment in both trailed and current year modules in the Summer reassessment period. Please note: undergraduate students are only able to undertake a maximum of 120 credits of reassessment over the summer, including voluntary reassessment.

It is important that you understand that by choosing not to undertake reassessment in your current year modules, you will be unable to progress to your next year of study without undertaking further reassessment in 2021-22 as failed credits cannot be condoned or carried if reassessment has not been attempted.

If you decide not to undertake reassessment in one of your trailed modules over the summer, you will not be offered another opportunity for reassessment in this module and will need to carry the failed credits. Before deciding to carry failed credits, please read the specific information on carrying 15 or 30 credits of failed trailed modules to understand the implications of carrying failed credits:

If you have been offered a combination of compulsory and voluntary reassessment it is important to prioritise your reassessment in any failed module(s) to increase your chances of progression.

See the full information on undertaking summer reassessment.

Any questions?
Any questions?
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