Shared network drives for staff

Shared network drives are for groups, teams or departments who need to access or work on the same files.

Request a new shared network drive

Shared network drives are set up on request. Please contact the IT Helpdesk to request a new shared network drive.

Access rights

Access to a shared network drive is either:

If you don't know who owns the delegated group you can contact the IT Helpdesk.

Accessing shared network drives

On campus

  1. Follow Microsoft's instructions to map a network drive.
  2. In the folder box, enter the path to the network drive using the format \\server\folder, for example \\sernt2\sociology

Off campus

To access shared network drives off campus you must set up a VPN connection and then use Remote Desktop.

If you don't have a work computer to remotely connect to, you can use the sernt43 virtual server.

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