Multifunction printers 

Our multifunction printers enable you to print, scan and photocopy.

How to print

To print to a multifunction printer, select Managed Print from your list of available printers when printing.

Your computer must be connected to the University network to connect to a multifunction printer. 

If you can't see Managed Print in your list of available printers, you may need to add the printer manually:

On Windows staff computers:

  1. Click Start
  2. In the search box, type \\isswin287 and then press the Enter key
  3. Right-click on Managed Print
  4. Choose Connect... and follow the steps on screen.

On Mac staff computers you must install a print driver to be able to print:

  1. Sign in to the Software Hub with your University username and password.
  2. Search for Canon.
  3. Select Canon Print Driver.
  4. Download the driver and follow the setup instructions included.

Collecting your print

When you print, your documents are held in a secure virtual queue for 72 hours.

You can release your documents from any multifunction printer on campus by tapping your staff card and logging in. This feature is known as "follow me printing".

You can find multifunction printers in most shared staff spaces and main corridors.

If a printer is out of paper or toner

We actively monitor and refill devices in corridors, shared areas and student areas.

If you find that your device has run out of paper or toner then you can request more at no charge.

Quote the MPCS number found on the front of the device and contact or email:

Your order will be delivered on the same day or next working day and be dropped off at the agreed location.

Report a printer problem

If you encounter a fault with a printer please alert your Print Champion.

If you don't know who your Print Champion is, or if they're unavailable, contact the IT Helpdesk quoting the asset number on the multifunction printer (found on the silver sticker on the front of the machine) and a description of the fault.

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