Antivirus software

Antivirus software helps to protect against viruses and malware, such as ransomware and spyware. Malware can have very serious consequences, including:

  • identity theft and fraud
  • deletion, theft and corruption of data
  • a slow or unusable computer

Antivirus software doesn't only protect your computer from viruses - it can help prevent transmitting malware to others.

If you have a University-owned device

CrowdStrike antivirus 

Antivirus software (CrowdStrike) is installed and runs automatically on all University-owned devices, including:

  • staff desktops and laptops
  • study space desktops
  • student loan laptops

How CrowdStrike works 

  • The software runs silently in the background, monitoring your device for any potential cyber threats. Unlike previous antivirus software the University has used, CrowdStrike has no user interface and there is no icon in the Start Menu or System Tray.
  • Files and processes are checked at execution and halted if anything malicious, or potentially malicious is found.
  • If the software detects a threat, a notification message will appear on screen, and information about the threat will also be sent to ITS security staff.

CrowdStrike FAQ

How can I check CrowdStrike Falcon is running?

Check for CrowdStrike

If you want to confirm CrowdStrike is running:

  • Click the Start button and type "security".
  • Choose the Windows Security app from the menu.
  • Now choose Virus & threat protection – this will show the details of the currently active antivirus software.

How do I scan downloaded files or removable media?

As CrowdStrike Falcon is a next-gen antivirus service, all files and processes are scanned when they run – there is no way to manually scan anything. However once you run the download or files from the removable media they will be automatically checked for anything malicious.

An application I use is being blocked – what should I do?

CrowdStrike alert 

You may have software on your computer that CrowdStrike will not let you run because CrowdStrike considers them a risk, for example web browser toolbars or driver software updates – in these cases it is right that they are blocked.

However, if you have essential software that you need for your work and CrowdStrike is stopping it running please contact the IT Helpdesk or your Departmental IT team to ask for it to be approved, providing as much information as possible about the software. Once approved the software will then be added to our allow list.

What information does CrowdStrike collect about me?

Crowdstrike is designed with privacy in mind to share only information related to cyber threats with the organisation.

When a threat is detected, data related to the threat is uploaded to the cloud and can be reviewed by our ITS security staff.

If there are no cyber threats on your computer, no information about your activity is shared with your organisation.

For more information on the data collected by the Crowdstrike software agent and how we use it, see CrowdStrike’s Privacy Notice.

Using your personal device

Due to our licence terms, CrowdStrike software can only be installed on University-owned devices. It must not be installed on personal devices, even if you are using your personal device for work purposes.

You are strongly advised to have antivirus software installed on your device to protect you from any malicious software.

We recommend you use:

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