COVID-19 face-to-face risk assessments

All teaching activities/events must be covered by a COVID-19 teaching risk assessment to ensure that appropriate controls are in place for mitigating COVID-19 transmission risks, in line with the University’s approach and the Targeted level of protection.

Standard face-to-face teaching and events

Due to the majority of teaching in centrally-managed rooms being similar in nature a standard face to face teaching spaces risk assessment has been produced to cover the standard teaching events which take place on campus. Therefore, departments are not required to produce a separate risk assessment for standard teaching activities which fall within this category. Staff must familiarise themselves with the content of the document prior to the start of teaching to ensure that they are aware of the University requirements.

At the start of all events the lecturer should give an opening statement explaining the COVID-19 measures which are in place.

Non-standard face-to-face teaching and events

Where a teaching event includes elements which are not covered by the standard face-to-face teaching and event risk assessment then a non-standard face-to-face teaching and events risk assessment will be required. A non-standard risk assessment will be required for, but not limited to:

  • teaching, training or similar events in rooms that are not centrally booked
  • use of rooms in non-standard layouts
  • when rotation or interaction is required during the session

A risk assessment template and guidance are provided to assist departments with this. Please use this risk assessment as the basis for your non-standard teaching event. There is also a checklist of considerations for you to refer to when completing the risk assessment. The below template can be utilised for a variety of face to face on campus activities (eg welcome events, conference, training courses, etc).

The University’s COVID-19 Premises Policy (.pdf) has been updated to reflect the current approach to the use of the premises on our campuses, including teaching spaces. A risk-based approach to social distancing was implemented to support in person teaching. This approach does not remove the requirement for social distancing, but assesses the availability of other controls such as room ventilation levels when establishing the level of distancing needed.

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