Staff room booking form: non-teaching events

This form is designed to help University staff book space for non-teaching events. For booking teaching events – please contact our Central Timetabling Office . If you are a student, please use the clubs and societies online event booking form.

When making a room booking, please ensure that you are familiar with the University’s Policy on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech (.pdf) and the Events and External Speakers Code of Practice (.pdf).

Please fill in the form below with your request details. When you submit your request a confirmation email will be sent to your University email address.

Room booking
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Department *
Which campus is your room request for? *
Purpose of booking *

Please refer to the University’s Room Bookings and Usage Policy.
Day and week(s) of term or day(s) and date(s) of proposed booking *

If you do not have external speakers attending and want to book a space for a recurring event, please include all dates and times in this box:

Start time *
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Capacity *
Are AV facilities needed (PC and projector)?
Any additional comments

Include all information about your booking, such as: details of any external speakers; topic of the event; room preference; specialist AV equipment.

You may wish to share our Policy on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech (.pdf) with speaker(s) prior to their arrival at the University so that they are familiar with what we expect
Are there any risks associated with your event?

Before deciding whether to confirm sponsorship for this event, please conduct an internet search on your external speaker(s), and/or the topic(s) or request further information from your event organiser. *

If “Yes”, please provide additional comments and explain how you will respond to these risks.

Confirm sponsorship: sponsor is a person who is taking responsibility for this event in its entirety.

All event requests must have a sponsor. If you are organising an event, you may act as your own sponsor. *
By acting as a sponsor for this event, I confirm that:
  1. I am a member of staff at the University of Essex or a designated member of staff of the Students’ Union, or a designated third party within the same department as the event organiser.
  2. I reasonably believe that there are no risk issues identified by holding the event, or inviting the specified external speaker(s), that would conflict with the University’s Policy on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech.
  3. I have read the University’s Event and External Speakers Code of Practice.
I cannot confirm sponsorship and understand that a risk review will be conducted by an appointed member of the University. I can expect a decision within 10 working days.
* required