Scholarships and Bursaries

An athlete running on a treadmill while wearing a mask that may be measuring their breathing. A sports scientist is standing next to the treadmill, holding up a clipboard in front of the athlete. A computer tracking information from the athlete is in the foreground.

Our performance sport scholarships are varied and aimed at talented athletes playing at regional, national or international level. We are looking for scholars competing in our focus sports, other team sports and individual athletes to contribute to our performance sport programme.

The Performance Sport Scholarship programme offers a range of benefits to its recipients. Sport scholarships can include fee discounts of up to 100% offered to athletes who demonstrate sporting excellence. As well as this, athletes who are awarded the scholarship will receive a host of other valuable benefits, including free kit, access to state-of-the-art facilities, performance coaching, the option to live in our newly dedicated Athlete Village (accommodation fees may vary) and a support package valued up to £1500. These benefits are designed to help athletes focus on their training, and development, and to enable them to reach their full potential alongside their studies.

Successful scholars will be selected based on performance level, position requirements and eligibility criteria being met – be sure to read the full terms and conditions before applying.

Programmes include:





Rugby 7s

Other –we also offer a range of different scholarships and bursary packages for individual talented athletes as well.

Group huddle during a team sport event
Group huddle during a team sport event
Our performance sport volleyball team
Our performance sport volleyball team
Danijela Kolaric Women's Football International Student Athlete
Being an international student at any university is never an easy or simple decision one would make, especially for those who only have one year. One year to meet the culture, adjust, connect with people, but at same time thrive, find your own footsteps, and – as coach Pedro always says – “leave a legacy behind”. I can proudly say that I accomplished all of it, and if it wasn’t for Essex none of it would have been possible!
Danijela Kolaric UoE Women’s Football international student-athlete 2021-2022

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Our performance sport volleyball team
Get in touch with our Performance Sport Manager - Susy Davies
Telephone: 01206 873016
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