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Pharmacological management of diabetes - initiating and optimising control - Level 6


The details
Pharmacological management of diabetes - initiating and optimising control
15 credits
Level 6
23 April 2020
Colchester Campus

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This module is an innovative multi-professional qualification which has been jointly developed by North East Essex Diabetes Specialist Team and the University of Essex. The subjects are specifically aimed to meet the learning needs of those providing clinical services to patients with diabetes in Primary Care, the community and in the hospital setting. The module is suitable for general practitioners, practice nurses and pharmacists where insulin or GLP-1 initiation is required.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Interpret data from clinical investigations to monitor glycaemic control, predict risk and plan appropriate interventions, (including oral medications, insulin and GLP1 initiation)
  • Develop person-centred, evidence-based, diabetes management plans to optimise glycaemic control that include the initiation of insulin or GLP1 medication
  • Engage effective communication and motivational techniques to agree goals and enhance glycaemic control
  • Advise, initiate, and titrate insulin and GLP-1 medications through application of national and local policy, recommendations and current research to improve glycaemic control

Our expert staff

Our module facilitators are Diabetes Specialist Nurses with many years of experience, we also draw up on clinical expertise within the fields of the specialism in local areas to discuss their subject area.

What our participants say

The course helped me establish friendships and peer support from other local PN’s working in diabetes. I was well supported throughout the course and able to develop my confidence and competence in diabetes management. Teresa 2017

Entry Requirements

You may apply for this module if you: - Have completed HS643 or equivalent accredited Diabetes Management course - are a practising professional - are familiar with, and able to undertake, self-directed study - bring to the course a wealth of practical experience in diabetes management; and - are working in an area of healthcare (for at least 15 hours per week) where management of diabetes is being provided for people under your care with a role to initiate or optimise Insulin or GLP-1 medications You are required to have a person act as your practice supervisor. They must be suitably qualified and experienced in diabetes practice and the mentorship/supervision of colleagues. Although not exhaustive the list below would provide sufficient indication of a person’s suitability for this role. - Currently works in a field of practice that specialises in diabetes, e.g. GP specialist in diabetes, nurse consultant in diabetes, diabetes nurse specialist (who has undergone further training in diabetes practice), Novo/Sanofi diabetes nurse facilitators - Holds a mentorship/clinical supervision/clinical educators or teaching qualification Please discuss the above with the module leader if you are unsure that you can meet the above pre-requisites for this course.


Module Outline

Module outline A range of learning and teaching methods are utilised in this module, including: - lectures - group work - self-directed study - personal and group tutorials - role shadowing and observed practice Further learning materials and activities are available through our online learning tool, Moodle.

Assessment strategy

Assessment strategy You are assessed in your ability to perform safe and evidence-based diabetes management. Your portfolio must include: - practice supervision agreement, interim report, and final report - competency assessment - pharmacological management of diabetes - initiating therapy and optimising control - initiation competency - a record where you have identified eight patients requiring change or alteration of glycaemic control medication of which four must be insulin initiation, two GLP-1 medication and two oral medications

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