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Care of the Patient Undergoing Chemotherapy


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Care of the patient undergoing Chemotherapy
30 credits
Level 6
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Southend Campus

Would you like to become more confident in looking after patients who are undergoing Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy?

This module enables health care professionals working within the field of oncology to develop and update their knowledge and skills, in order to effectively care for a person undergoing systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT). On completing the module you will feel more confident in your ability to deliver effective and compassionate care to cancer patients.

By drawing from National Guidance from the UK Oncology Nurses Forum this module aims to enable staff working in cancer care to provide evidence based, best practice in the management and delivery of chemotherapy or other SACT.

Learning outcomes

After this module you will:

  • be able to select and implement safe and effective techniques whilst managing patients undergoing SACT
  • be able to draw upon a sound evidence base to examine and underpin current approaches to practice
  • be able to draw upon national policy and benchmark standards to guide clinical practice
  • make appropriate recommendations for the holistic and individualistic care of the patient undergoing SACT
  • anticipate and resolve problems effectively, making appropriate referrals and escalating concerns where relevant.

Our expert staff

This module is led by an experienced nurse and lecturer Louise Timms, who has over thirty five years of nursing experience and over ten years’ experience of leading and delivering a range of level 4, 5, 6 and 7 nursing modules within the University of Essex.

The clinical content is delivered by a number of highly qualified and experienced Chemotherapy Nurse Consultants drawn from acute Trusts across Essex. These same experts also support the marking of case studies submitted by module participants.

What our participants say

"...the specialist nurses who ran these sessions were enthusiastic and knowledgeable and keen to answer questions...”

“The module was excellent”

Entry Requirements

Prospective participants MUST: - Work in an area of health care where chemotherapy is regularly provided for people under their care. - Have worked in this area of practice for at least six months and for a minimum of 20 hours per week. - Be able to identify opportunities to observe and participate in SACT practice prior to the commencement of the module. For participants not working in a chemotherapy dedicated unit a minimum of 5 days must be spent in a dedicated chemotherapy unit whilst undertaking this module. Participants applying for this module must ensure these arrangements are available prior to applying for this module. - Have access to an appropriately trained and experienced SACT practitioner who is Trust approved to act as the student’s practice supervisor. This person must be identified and agreed prior to the commencing the module.


Module Outline

Teaching and learning disclaimer

Following the impact of the pandemic, we made changes to our teaching and assessment to ensure our current students could continue with their studies uninterrupted and safely. These changes included courses being taught through blended delivery, normally including some face-to-face teaching, online provision, or a combination of both across the year.

The teaching and assessment methods listed show what is currently planned for 2021 entry; changes may be necessary if, by the beginning of this course, we need to adapt the way we’re delivering them due to the external environment, and to allow you to continue to receive the best education possible safely and seamlessly.

The module will consist of two half day and four full day workshops where teaching from a range of clinical experts in the field will allow participants to explore evidence based practice and a range of salient issues in relation to SACT.

Learning and skills development activities are issued to enable participants to achieve modular outcomes and benchmark standards for the administration of SACT. This is further supported by opportunities to observe and participate in supervised SACT practice in the participants own workplace.

Topics covered include:

  • The biology of cancer.
  • Safe cytotoxic therapy in clinical practice.
  • Conventional toxicity.
  • Immunotherapy in clinical practice.
  • Hormones in cancer care.
  • Neutropenic sepsis.
  • New and emerging therapies.
  • Long term side effects.
  • Psychosocial effects of cancer and its treatment.

Assessment strategy

Formative: - 3 reflective accounts. Summative: 1. 2000 word case study based upon a case encountered within the participants workplace who is undergoing SACT. 2. Practice Assessment: Clinical competency assessment in accordance with the UKONS Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) Competency Passport.

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