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Teaching Generation Z

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Teaching Generation Z - 16 June 2021

Teachers, advisers and colleagues from schools and colleges across the UK and around the world are invited to join us virtually for our Annual Teachers' and Advisers' CPD week running from 14-18 June 2021.

Featuring Karl Pupe, The Action Hero Teacher, you will pick up some tools in this interactive workshop to improve your classroom management. Please see the full programme details below.


3.30pm - Welcome to the University of Essex

How teachers and support staff can engage with Essex’s schools and colleges liaison activity.

3.45pm - Teaching Generation Z

Karl Pupe, The Action Hero Teacher

This dynamic, fun session will provide you with the foundations of effective classroom management in the twenty-first century and will include:

  • The ‘Trust Mountain’ model of Behaviour Management and how it can help you identify and engage the 4 types of students in your classroom.
  • How to identify your own classroom management style and learn the 3 styles that you MUST avoid to keep your class onside.
  • What is ‘Emotional High jacking’ and the four types of bodily responses that could cause disrupt effective teaching and learning in your classroom.
  • The Pygmalion Effect and how positive encouragement can supercharge your learners’ classroom potential.
  • LAST - The sales framework that will help you engage emotionally dysregulated students and help them to self-reflect on troubling behaviour.
  • Communication secrets used by top FBI Agents that will help you soothe and build rapport with the most challenging learners.

4.55pm - Q&A 

Karl Pupe, The Action Hero Teacher

An opportunity for you to ask Karl Pupe, The Action Hero Teacher any questions about his work and the session.

5.30pm - Final thoughts

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