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Teacher and Student Motivation

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Teacher and Student Motivation 15 June 2021

Teachers, advisers and colleagues from schools and colleges across the UK and around the world, are invited to join us virtually for our Annual Teachers' and Advisers' CPD week running from 14 - 18 June 2021.

This event will be delivered by our Languages and Literature Department. Please view the full programme below.


3.30pm – Welcome to the University of Essex

How teachers and support staff can engage with Essex’s schools and colleges liaison activity.

3.45pm -Teacher Motivation

Dr Lorena Salud Gadella Kamstra, The University of Essex

Discover ways of engaging in positive psychology and reflection. We will explore teacher motivation pre and post pandemic. Teachers will be invited to share their stories and the factors that motivate and demotivate them. This opportunity will be great for teachers to connect with others and share the challenges they face, but without forgetting the positive side of their profession.

4.45pm -7 Frameworks to motivate students in the classroom 

Rose Bui, PhD Student, English Language Teaching, The University of Essex

Explore the 7 frameworks you can use to motivate your students within the classroom. You'll learn how to design activities that utilise available resources and technology to facilitate your lessons. This interactive session will also include a group-based discussion on application and experience.

5.30pm – Final thoughts

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