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Sociology 14 June 2021

Teachers, advisers and colleagues from schools and colleges across the UK and around the world, are invited to join us virtually for our Annual Teachers and Advisers CPD week running from 14 - 18 June 2021.

This event will be delivered by our Department of Sociology, who will review different educational strategies to engage students in the understanding of sociology and criminology through experiential learning. Please view the full programme below.


3.30pm – Welcome to the University of Essex

How teachers and support staff can engage with Essex’s schools and colleges liaison activity.

3.45pm – 'Studying in the Sociology Department': Degrees and Future Directions in Sociology

Dr Carlos Gigoux, 1st Year Director Department of Sociology 

This session will provide an overview of our research strengths, our new research areas and future directions of the discipline. Also it will outline the different UG degrees that we offer, the curriculum structure, the teaching and assessment strategies, experiential learning and the experience and support for UG students as they adapt to University.

4.45pm - 'After Graduation: The Journey Continues'

Dr Carlos Gigoux, 1st Year Director Department of Sociology 

This session will outline the prospects of our UG students after graduation with reference to individual examples. It will provide an overview on the best ways to support degree/career choices all the way from schools to university.

5.30pm – Final thoughts

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