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Maths - 16 June 2021

Teachers, advisers and colleagues from schools and colleges across the UK and around the world, are invited to join us virtually for our Annual Teachers' and Advisers' CPD week running from 14 - 18 June 2021.

This event will be delivered by our Maths department who will explore:

  • What data science is and an introduction to R.
  • How and why tools like R are often used in other disciplines such as Social Sciences and Biological Sciences.
  • How R can be used to calculate simple descriptive statistics and plots, and can perform statistical analyses on large data sets with more control and ease than in spreadsheets.


3.30pm - Welcome to the University of Essex

How teachers and support staff can engage with Essex's schools and colleges liaison activity. 

3.45pm - Session 1

Department of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Essex 

Understand what Data Science is and an introduction to R. Learn how to read data into R, how to cleanse data and how to calculate basic descriptive statistics. 

4.45pm - Session 2

Department of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Essex 

This hands-on session will continue from the first session and offer delegates an opportunity to further familiarise themselves with R with the help and support of our expert data scientists. 

5.30pm - Final thoughts

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