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Dr Georgios Zouridakis



Dr ZOURIDAKIS GEORGIOS My research centres on commercial law, company law, EU company law, comparative law and comparative law methodology. My academic background covers the fields of comparative law, company law, corporate governance, CSR, environmental law and EU law. I obtained my doctorate on the subject of comparative corporate law and specifically the comparative study of Greek, English and German law; focusing on shareholder protection and the effects shareholder activism has on corporate governance. I have been a research fellow in the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) since 2017. I am also a Greek lawyer, member of the Athens Bar Association (Court of Appeal level), having practised mainly on civil and commercial law cases.

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Company Law (LW225)

  • Law of the European Union (LW302)

  • Final Year Research Project (LW304)


Books (1)

Zouridakis, G., Georgios Zouridakis, Shareholder Protection Reconsidered: Derivative Action in the UK, Germany and Greece (Routledge, forthcoming February 2020)

Book chapters (2)

Zouridakis, G., Georgios Zouridakis "Contractual Freedom and the Corporate Constitution; Α Study on Where Greek Law Stands in a Comparative Context and the Way Forward" in David Frenkel (ed.) Selected Issues in Public and Private Law, (ATINER Publications 2015)

Zouridakis, G., Georgios Zouridakis “Shareholders' derivative suits against corporate directors, following cross-border mergers: a functioning remedy within the EU?” In Thomas Papadopoulos (ed.) Cross-border Mergers Directive: EU perspectives and national experiences (Springer, forthcoming November 2019). Editors: Papadopoulos, T., . Springer

Reports and Papers (1)

Zouridakis, G., Georgios Zouridakis ‘Conference Report: "Cross-border Mergers Directive: EU perspectives and national experiences"’ (2018) 15(03) European Company Law Journal



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