2020 applicants

Dr Eduardo Wachter

Senior Research Officer
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Dr Eduardo Wachter


Journal articles (5)

Kasap, S., Weber Wachter, E., Zhai, X., Ehsan, S. and McDonald-Maier, K., (2020). Survey of Soft Error Mitigation Techniques Applied to LEON3 Soft Processors on SRAM-Based FPGAs. IEEE Access. 8, 28646-28658

Wachter, EW., de Bellefroid, C., Basireddy, KR., Singh, AK., Al-Hashimi, BM. and Merrett, G., (2019). Predictive Thermal Management for Energy-Efficient Execution of Concurrent Applications on Heterogeneous Multicores. IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems. 27 (6), 1404-1415

Wachter, E., Fochi, V., Barreto, F., Amory, A. and Moraes, F., (2018). A Hierarchical and Distributed Fault Tolerant Proposal for NoC-Based MPSoCs. IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing. 6 (4), 524-537

Wachter, E., Caimi, LL., Fochi, V., Munhoz, D. and Moraes, FG., (2017). BrNoC : A broadcast NoC for control messages in many-core systems. Microelectronics Journal. 68, 69-77

Ost, L., Varyani, S., Indrusiak, LS., Mandelli, M., Almeida, GM., Wachter, E., Moraes, F. and Sassatelli, G., (2012). Enabling Adaptive Techniques in Heterogeneous MPSoCs Based on Virtualization. ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems. 5 (3), 1-11

Conferences (12)

Wachter, EW., Kasap, S., Zhai, X., Ehsan, S. and McDonald-Maier, K., (2020). Survey of Lockstep based Mitigation Techniques for Soft Errors in Embedded Systems

Wachter, E., Kasap, S., Zhai, X., Ehsan, S. and McDonald-Maier, K., (2020). A Framework and Protocol for Dynamic Management of Fault Tolerant Systems in Harsh Environments

Kasap, S., Redif, S. and Wachter, E., (2019). Acceleration of Polynomial Matrix Multiplication on Zynq-7000 System-on-Chip

Fochi, V., Caimi, LL., Ruaro, M., Wachter, E. and Moraes, FG., (2017). System management recovery protocol for MPSoCs

Castilhos, G., Wachter, E., Madalozzo, G., Erichsen, A., Monteiro, T. and Moraes, F., (2014). A framework for MPSoC generation and distributed applications evaluation

Wachter, E., Erichsen, A., Juracy, L., Amory, A. and Moraes, FG., (2014). A Fast Runtime Fault Recovery Approach for NoC-Based MPSoCS for Performance Constrained Applications

Wachter, E., Erichsen, A., Juracy, L., Amory, A. and Moraes, F., (2014). Runtime fault recovery protocol for NoC-based MPSoCs

Wachter, E., Erichsen, A., Amory, A. and Moraes, F., (2013). Topology-Agnostic Fault-Tolerant NoC Routing Method

Wachter, EW., Amory, AM. and Moraes, FG., (2013). Fault recovery communication protocol for NoC-based MPSoCs

Petry, CA., Wachter, EW., de Castilhos, GM., Moraes, FG. and Calazans, NLV., (2012). A spectrum of MPSoC models for design space exploration and its use

Wachter, EW. and Moraes, FG., (2012). MAZENOC: Novel approach for fault-tolerant NOC routing

Wachter, EW., Biazi, A. and Moraes, FG., (2011). HeMPS-S: A homogeneous NoC-based MPSoCs framework prototyped in FPGAs




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