Dr Joy Van Helvert

Visiting Fellow
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Dr Joy Van Helvert


Journal articles (1)

Bilgin, A., Hagras, H., van Helvert, J. and Alghazzawi, D., (2016). A Linear General Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Based Computing With Words Approach for Realising an Ambient Intelligent Platform for Cooking Recipes Recommendation. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems. 24 (2), 306-329

Conferences (2)

Olivares, EF., Albert, P., van Helvert, J. and Gardner, M., (2016). Designing a Learning Analytics Application to Improve Learner Success in Interactions Based on Multimodal Dialogue Systems

van Helvert, J., Van Rosmalen, P., Borner, D., Petukhova, V. and Alexandersson, J., (2015). Observing, Coaching and Reflecting: A Multi-modal Natural Language-based Dialogue System in a Learning Context



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