Dr Rosa Van Der Ven

School of Life Sciences
Dr Rosa Van Der Ven

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Animal Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour (BS113)

  • Tropical Marine Resources (BS705)

  • Tropical Marine Systems (BS706)

  • Professional Skills in Tropical Marine Biology (BS708)

  • Coral Reef Biology (BS255)


Journal articles (3)

De Ryck, DJR., Koedam, N., Van der Stocken, T., van der Ven, RM., Adams, J. and Triest, L., (2016). Dispersal limitation of the mangrove Avicennia marina at its South African range limit in strong contrast to connectivity in its core East African region. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 545, 123-134

van der Ven, RM., Triest, L., De Ryck, DJR., Mwaura, JM., Mohammed, MS. and Kochzius, M., (2016). Population genetic structure of the stony coral Acropora tenuis shows high but variable connectivity in East Africa. Journal of Biogeography. 43 (3), 510-519

Schutter, M., van der Ven, RM., Janse, M., Verreth, JAJ., Wijffels, RH. and Osinga, R., (2012). Light intensity, photoperiod duration, daily light flux and coral growth of Galaxea fascicularis in an aquarium setting: a matter of photons?. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 92 (4), 703-712

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