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Dr Brenda Van Coppenolle

Department of Government
Dr Brenda Van Coppenolle

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Games, Strategy and Politics (GV210)

  • Parliamentary Studies (GV385)


Journal articles (5)

Cirone, A. and Van Coppenolle, B., (2019). Bridging the Gap: Lottery-Based Procedures in Early Parliamentarization. World Politics. 71 (2), 197-235

Van Coppenolle, B., (2018). Remembering One’s Representative: How District Magnitude and List Type Affect Candidate Recognition. Political Studies. 66 (3), 786-807

Cirone, A. and Van Coppenolle, B., (2018). Cabinets, Committees, and Careers: The Causal Effect of Committee Service. The Journal of Politics. 80 (3), 948-963

Van Coppenolle, B., (2017). Political Dynasties in the UK House of Commons: The Null Effect of Narrow Electoral Selection. Legislative Studies Quarterly. 42 (3), 449-475

Berlinski, S., Dewan, T. and Van Coppenolle, B., (2014). Franchise Extension and the British Aristocracy. Legislative Studies Quarterly. 39 (4), 531-558




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