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Amy Stevens

Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Sociology
 Amy Stevens



I am a PhD student within the Department of Sociology, University of Essex. My current research focuses on understanding opposition to state surveillance practices in the UK. In doing so, I focus on the UKs recently passed Investigatory Powers Act, exploring the range of voices opposing the Act, the core concerns expressed and what is envisaged for the future of state surveillance in the UK. This research is funded via a studentship from the Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South East (CHASE). Prior to returning to Essex to undertake my PhD, I also completed an MA in Sociological Research here in 2013 and a BA in Applied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Brighton in 2010. I also previously worked in the non-profit sector, as part of a government funded research team focused on improving safety, capability and innovation of the UKs rail sector. Current Teaching Responsibilities: SC104 Introduction to Crime, Law and Society


  • MA Sociological Research University of Essex (2013)

  • BA (hons) Applied Psychology and Sociology University of Brighton (2010)

Research and professional activities


Challenging State Surveillance: Investigating opposition to the UK's Investigatory Powers Act

This research aims to create a greater understanding of the form and influence of opposition to expanding online state surveillance and the growth of government data gathering practices in the UK. As a recent example of the expansion of such powers, it focuses on opposition responses to the UK’s recently passed Investigatory Powers Act, exposing the dynamics present within opposition arguments by exploring the range of voices and perspectives which can be identified throughout ongoing debates.

Supervisor: Professor Pete Fussey

Research interests

State Surveillance

Online Privacy

Technology and Digital Surveillance Practices

UK Surveillance Legislation

Resistance to Surveillance and the Anti-Surveillance/Pro-Privacy 'movement'




Colchester Campus

Working pattern:

SC104 - Introduction to Crime, Law and Society. Academic Support Hours: Wednesday 10-12am