Dr John Stamford

Senior Research Officer
School of Life Sciences
Specialist Technician
School of Life Sciences
Dr John Stamford


Journal articles (2)

Stamford, JD., Stevens, J., Mullineaux, PM. and Lawson, T., (2023). LED Lighting: A Grower’s Guide to Light Spectra. HortScience. 58 (2), 180-196

Stamford, JD., Vialet-Chabrand, S., Cameron, I. and Lawson, T., (2023). Development of an accurate low cost NDVI imaging system for assessing plant health.. Plant Methods. 19 (1), 9-

Book chapters (1)

Stevens, J., Faralli, M., Wall, S., Stamford, J. and Lawson, T., (2021). Stomatal responses to climate change. In: Photosynthesis, respiration and climate change. Editors: Becklin, K., Ward, J. and Way, D., . Springer Nature. 17- 47. 978-3-030-64925-8



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