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Dr Jožef Šimenko is a Lecturer in the Essex Pathways Department at the University of Essex. He is a module leader for the Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology module. He joined the Pathways department in August 2019. Jozef holds a doctoral degree in Kinesiology from the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana. He has been working as a Lecturer at the University of Greenwich, the Richmond upon Thames College and the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana. He also worked as an associate expert at the Sports Institute, Univesity of Ljubljana, where he was screening elite athletes, led strength and conditioning training and rehabilitation of elite athletes. In his research, Jozef focuses on combat sports and martial arts with particular emphasis on judo. He is also interested in the research on special forces, such as military and police personnel, isokinetic, soccer, 3D body scanning, functional and morphological asymmetries, and rehabilitation. In 2016, he was awarded the Young Researcher Award at the IMACSSS conference in Portugal. He had been invited to give keynote presentations at several conferences, including the 2019 European Judo Union Scientific Conference in Poreč, Croatia, and the 2018 Croatian NSCA conference. Dr Simenko holds several coaching qualifications – judo coaching license, the UEFA A coaching license, youth basketball coaching license, youth volleyball coaching license, the TRX suspension trainer license, ski instructor license, to name a few. He also holds the black belt II DAN degree by BJA in judo. As an athlete, Jozef has been categorized athlete of the Slovenian Olympic Committee and a part of Slovenian Junior National Judo team where he competed in international competitions. He concluded his competing career and became a coach to elite judo athletes that have won Grand Prix and World Championship medals. He was also a National coach of Slovenian University Team at the 2015 World University Games in Gwangju, South Korea and in 2016 European University Games in Zagreb, Croatia. He also served as the president of Slovenian Judo Union Coaching Commission where he was in charge of the education of new and existing judo coaches.


  • PhD Kinesiology University of Ljubljana, (2018)

  • BSc - Physical Education (Specialisation: Sports Coaching) University of Ljubljana, (2011)


University of Essex

  • Lecturer, Essex Pathways Department, University of Essex (8/2019 - present)

Other academic

  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana (14/9/2021 - present)

  • HPL, University of Greenwich (1/9/2018 - 1/7/2019)

  • Lecturer, Sports, Richmond upon Thames College (1/2/2019 - 1/7/2019)

  • Lecturer, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport & Institute of Sport (1/1/2016 - 1/8/2018)

  • Researcher, Slovenian Olympic Committee (1/1/2014 - 1/1/2015)

  • Associate Expert, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport & Institute of Sport (1/1/2013 - 1/1/2016)

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Combat Sports and Martial Arts

Key words: Judo


Key words: testing

3D Body Scanning

Key words: scanning

Functional and Morphological Asymmetries


Key words: ACL

Conferences and presentations

The benefits of Functional Movement Screen in judo

8th IMACSSS Conference scientific congress on martial arts and combat sports, Viseu, Portugal, 11/10/2019

Qualitative and quantitative methods in the study of martial arts and combat sports: a panel based on personal experiences


Is bilateral throw execution essential for a competition success?


The use of isokinetics in ACL rehabilitation in judo: A case study

4th World Scientific Congress of Combat Sports and Martial Arts and 7th IMACSS International Conference, Rzeszów, Poland, 18/10/2018

Correlating movement asymmetry with competition performance and competition volume in youth male judokas

5th European Science of Judo Research Symposium & 4th Scientific and professional conference on Judo: Applicable research in judo, European Judo Union, Croatian Judo Union, Zagreb, Croatia, 12/6/2018

Use of isokinetics method for training and rehabilitation of athletes

Keynote presentation, 16th International Scientific Conference Physical Conditioning of Athletes, Croatian Physical Conditioning Coaches Association, University of Zagreb, National Strength and Conditioning Association, Zagreb, Croatia, 23/2/2018

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology (IA177)

  • Professional Skills and Development 1 (SE101)


Journal articles (28)

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Book chapters (1)

Čoh, M., Maćkała, K., Vodičar, J., Žvan, M., Simenko, J., Kreft, R. and Rauter, S., (2019). The relationships between the selected pre-planned and non-planned agility testing scenarios. In: Biodynamic analysis of sprint, jumps and agility. Editors: Čoh, M. and Maćkała, K., . Institute of Kinesiology, Faculty of Sport

Conferences (7)

Simenko, J., The benefits of Functional Movement Screen in judo

Simenko, J., Green, T., Cynarski, W., Skowron-Markowska, S., Gutiérrez-García, C. and Figueiredo, A., Qualitative and quantitative methods in the study of martial arts and combat sports: a panel based on personal experiences

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Simenko, J. and Vodičar, J., (2014). Evaluation of body symmetries in judo

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