Dr Sarah Shair-Rosenfield

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Department of Government
Dr Sarah Shair-Rosenfield
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Current teaching responsibilities

  • The Politics of Modern China (GV523)

  • Gender and Leadership (GV524)


Journal articles (11)

Shair-Rosenfield, S., Schakel, AH., Niedzwiecki, S., Marks, G., Hooghe, L. and Chapman-Osterkatz, S., (2021). Language difference and regional authority. Regional & Federal Studies. 31 (1), 73-97

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Shair-Rosenfield, S., (2012). The alternative incumbency effect: Electing women legislators in Indonesia. Electoral Studies. 31 (3), 576-587

Books (2)

Shair-Rosenfield, S., (2019). Electoral Reform and the Fate of New Democracies Lessons from the Indonesian Case. University of Michigan Press. 0472131508. 9780472131501

Hooghe, L., Marks, G., Schakel, AH., Osterkatz, SC., Niedzwiecki, S. and Shair-Rosenfield, S., (2016). Measuring Regional Authority A Postfunctionalist Theory of Governance. Oxford University Press. 0198728875. 9780198728870

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Beyond Essentialism: Elevating Women�s Scholarship in Southeast Asian Social Sciences

British Academy


Improving Maternal Health Outcomes: The effects of decentralization and on prenatal health preferences in India

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