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Department of Psychology
Dr Steven Samuel


Journal articles (13)

Samuel, S., Frohnwieser, A., Lurz, R. and Clayton, N., Reduced egocentric bias when perspective-taking compared to working from rules.. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

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Legg, EW., Olivier, L., Samuel, S., Lurz, R. and Clayton, NS., (2017). Error rate on the director's task is influenced by the need to take another's perspective but not the type of perspective. Royal Society Open Science. 4 (8), 170284-170284

Samuel, S., Roehr-Brackin, K. and Roberson, D., (2016). ‘She says, he says’: Does the sex of an instructor interact with the grammatical gender of targets in a perspective-taking task?. International Journal of Bilingualism. 20 (1), 40-61

Book chapters (2)

Athanasopoulos, P., Samuel, SH. and Bylund, E., (2017). The psychological reality of spatiotemporal metaphors. In: Studies in Figurative Thought and Language (Human Cognitive Processing series). Editors: Athanasiadou, A., . John Benjamins. 295- 321

Samuel, SH., (2016). Do bilinguals inhibit one language to speak another?. In: Advances in Understanding Multilingualism. Editors: Grucza, Olpińska and Romanowski, . Peter Lang. 189- 202

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