Dr Tony Russell-Rose

Visiting Professor
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Dr Tony Russell-Rose



Tony Russell-Rose began his career with a PhD investigating the use of statistical and knowledge-based language modelling techniques to improve the accuracy of handwriting recognition and information retrieval systems. He was then awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering fellowship to work at HP Labs on speech recognition interfaces for mobile devices, and a further research fellowship to work at BT Labs working on intelligent agents for information retrieval. He then took up a post as Senior Research Scientist at Canon Research Centre Europe, where he became Head of the Information Retrieval Group, leading a team developing next generation information access products and services. He was then appointed Leader of Language Technology at Reuters, responsible for establishing a global centre of excellence for NLP and leading the development of advanced search user interfaces and prototypes. After a period heading up the software development team at the Advanced Computation Lab of Cancer Research UK, he was approached by Oracle to lead their user experience practice across Europe, where he also took on the role of editor of the Endeca UI Design Pattern Library. He is now Director of UXLabs, a research and design consultancy specialising in complex search and information access applications, and founder of 2Dsearch, a start-up applying AI, natural language processing and data visualisation to create the next generation of professional search tools. He has served as vice-chair of the BCS Information Retrieval group and chair of the CIEHF Human-Computer Interaction group. He also holds the position of Honorary Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Interactive Systems Research, City University, London.

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Research interests

My research interests centre on human information interaction; in particular the challenges involved in understanding and modelling the context in which people interact with information and social systems and in developing novel interaction metaphors and technologies that apply that understanding. Areas of supervision Human-computer interaction & user experience, AI and natural language processing, search & information retrieval.



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