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Professor Vicky Randall

Emeritus Professor
Department of Government
Professor Vicky Randall



Since her formal retirement in 2010, Vicky Randall has maintained her research interest in gender and politics; in politics in developing countries; and in political parties. However her main new research focus is on old age and politics, specifically the participation of older people in political parties and third sector organisations. She is currently President of the Political Studies Association and in 2012 received the PSA Special Recognition Award. Vicky Randall has authored a number of publications on women and politics, including The Politics of Child Daycare in Britain (2000); Women and Politics (2nd Ed, 1987) and (with Joni Lovenduski) Contemporary Feminist Politics (1993) and also co-edited Gender, Politics and the State (with Georgina Waylen 1998). She has also researched and published on 'third world' topics, including (with Robin Theobald) Political Change and Underdevelopment (2nd Ed, 1998); and two edited volumes - Political Parties in the Third World (1998) and Democratization and the Media (1998). She is co-editor (with Peter Burnell and Lise Rakner) of Politics in the Developing World (revised fourth edition forthcoming).


Reports and Papers (1)

Randall, V., (2011). Gender and Democracy



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