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Professor Kenneth Plummer



I arrived at Essex in January 1975 to teach social psychology and the sociology of deviance. The following year I also started a long standing link with the Sociology Department at the University of California at Santa Barbara where I also taught for many years. Over the years, I have held many roles at Essex including Graduate Director and Head of Department; and have researched and written widely on sexuality (especially lesbian and gay studies, and since the late 1980's, queer studies). My main interests have always been in the development of a humanistic method and theory to help towards a better social world where there will be less socially produced suffering. My methodological concerns have been with the development of narrative, life story, symbolic interactionism and the post-modern turn. My approach is that of a critical humanist. I have also had a long standing interest in the teaching of introductory sociology, having taught the first year at Essex for eighteen years and produced the textbook with John Macionis, Sociology: A Global Introduction (3rd ed 2005; 4th edition 2008). Written or edited around 15 books and over a hundred articles, including Sexual Stigma (1975), The Making of the Modern Homosexual ed (1981), Symbolic Interactionism Vols 1 & 2 (1991), Modern Homosexualities: Fragments of Lesbian and Gay Experience (1992), Chicago Sociology : Critical Assessments (1997: 4 volumes); Telling Sexual Stories (1995), Sexualities (2002: 4 volumes), Documents of Life-2: An invitation to a critical humanism (2001) and Intimate Citizenship (2003). In 1996, I set up the journal Sexualities and remain its editor. I am still young in heart, but sadly felt the need to retire in 2006, requiring transplant surgery in 2007. Recovering well, I now have quite a few books in me to write, and look forward to a continuous engagement with a wonderful department, continuing to see students – undergraduate and graduate - whenever I can.


  • BA London,

  • PhD London,

Research and professional activities

Research interests


Its links to sociology, and its theories and tools for examining social life. I am concerned with the ways in which humans create little social worlds and how these change.

Intimacies and sexualities

My old interests remain and centre mainly around editing the journal Sexualities. I am concerned with the ways in which the personal dwells in the social.

The sociologies of 'suffering' and 'well being'

A very wide ranging interest in then 'bad news' and the 'good news'. I am concerned with the terrible things we do to each other, and yet also the ways we can develop astonishingly rich social life worlds.

Medicine, narratives and transplants

After transplant surgery in 2007, I am thinking about the nature of illness. I am concerned with the ways in which illness must partially be seen as narrative and, sometimes, as an opportunity.


Still crazy after all these years. Shorn of a lot of parochialisms, sociology is a fine way to see lives and for creating thinking people. I am concerned to keep the buzz going that I got from it forty years ago, and to do this via my textbook!

Teaching and supervision

Previous supervision

Elisa Attili
Elisa Attili
Degree subject: Occasional Study: Sociology (Research)
Degree type: Occasional Postgraduate Study
Awarded date: 16/1/2011


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