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Dr Myra Mohnen

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Dr Myra Mohnen

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Stars and Brokers: Knowledge Spillovers among Medical Scientists

Invited presentation, NBER, 8/9/2016


Journal articles (5)

Mohnen, MM., Stars and Brokers: Knowledge Spillovers among Medical Scientists

Mohnen, MM. and Arthi, V., Sewage Infrastructure, Labour Markets, and Inequality in 19th Century London

Bandiera, O., Mohnen, M., Rasul, I. and Viarengo, M., (2019). Nation-Building Through Compulsory Schooling During the Age of Mass Migration. The Economic Journal. 129 (617), 62-109

Dechezleprêtre, A., Ménière, Y. and Mohnen, M., (2017). International patent families: from application strategies to statistical indicators. Scientometrics. 111 (2), 793-828

Guerra, J-A. and Mohnen, M., (2017). Multinomial Choice with Social Interactions: Occupations in Victorian London. SSRN Electronic Journal

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Occupational Choice and Social Interactions: A Study of Victorian London

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