Dr Syahmi Bin Nordin

Associate Fellow
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Dr Syahmi Bin Nordin



  • PhD in Applied Physics ., (2018)

  • MSc in Physics ., (2008)

  • BSc in Physics with Electronics ., (2005)


Journal articles (7)

Samad, MIA., Mohamad, KA., Nordin, MS., Nayan, N., Alias, A., Othman, M., Boland-Thoms, A. and Vickers, AJ., (2019). Band Anti-Crossing Modelling on Tailored Ga1-xInxN yAs1-y Band Gap Energy Based Nitrogen Fraction. Universal Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 6 (5B), 90-95

Anuar Mohamad, K., Syahmi Nordin, M., Nayan, N., Alias, A., Rahman Mohmad, A., Boland-Thoms, A. and John Vickers, A., (2019). Characterization of III-V dilute nitride based multi-quantum well p-i-n diodes for next generation opto-electrical conversion devices. Materials Today: Proceedings. 7, 625-631

Samad, MIA., Mohamad, KA., Nordin, MS., Nayan, N., Alias, A., Othman, M., Boland-Thoms, A. and Vickers, AJ., (2019). Electrical properties of a Ga0.952In0.048N0.016As0.984 p-i-n schottky barrier diode. ASM Science Journal. 12 (SpecialIssue4), 131-138

Nordin, MS., Sarcan, F., Gunes, M., Boland-Thoms, A., Erol, A. and Vickers, AJ., (2018). Temporal Response of Dilute Nitride Multi-Quantum-Well Vertical Cavity Enhanced Photodetector. Journal of Electronic Materials. 47 (1), 655-661

Sarcan, F., Nutku, F., Bin Nordin, MS., Vickers, AJ. and Erol, A., (2018). A study on voltage-dependent response of a GaInNAs-based pin photodetector with a quasi-cavity. Semiconductor Science and Technology. 33 (2018), 114006-114006

Sarcan, F., Nordin, MS., Kuruoğlu, F., Erol, A. and Vickers, AJ., (2017). Characterization of temperature dependent operation of a GaInNAs-based RCEPD designed for 1.3 μm. Superlattices and Microstructures. 102, 27-34

Balkan, N., Erol, A., Sarcan, F., Al-Ghuraibawi, LFF. and Bin Nordin, MS., (2015). Dilute nitride resonant cavity enhanced photodetector with internal gain for the λ ∼ 1.3μm optical communications window. Superlattices and Microstructures. 86, 467-471

Conferences (2)

Kanisin, D., Nordin, MS., Hazrul, MH., Kumar, EA., Hashim, AM. and Arora, VK., (2011). Modelling Subsea Coaxial Cable as FIR Filter on MATLAB

Nordin, MS., Aziz, FA., Senin, HB., Carini, G., Abdullah, JB. and Bradley, DA., (2008). Retrieving Sea Surface Temperature Using NOAA APT Data In Sabah Coastal Region



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