Mohammad Bin Nordin

Senior Research Officer
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
 Mohammad Bin Nordin



  • PhD in Applied Physics ., (2018)

  • MSc in Physics ., (2008)

  • BSc in Physics with Electronics ., (2005)


Journal articles (4)

Balkan, N., Erol, A., Sarcan, F., Al-Ghuraibawi, LFF. and Bin Nordin, MS., Dilute nitride resonant cavity enhanced photodetector with internal gain for the λ ∼ 1.3μm optical communications window. Superlattices and Microstructures. 86 (2015)

Nordin, MS., Sarcan, F., Gunes, M., Boland-Thoms, A., Erol, A. and Vickers, AJ., (2018). Temporal Response of Dilute Nitride Multi-Quantum-Well Vertical Cavity Enhanced Photodetector. Journal of Electronic Materials. 47 (1), 655-661

Sarcan, F., Nutku, F., Bin Nordin, MS., Vickers, AJ. and Erol, A., (2018). A study on voltage-dependent response of a GaInNAs-based pin photodetector with a quasi-cavity. Semiconductor Science and Technology. 33 (2018), 114006-114006

Sarcan, F., Nordin, MS., Kuruoğlu, F., Erol, A. and Vickers, AJ., (2017). Characterization of temperature dependent operation of a GaInNAs-based RCEPD designed for 1.3 μm. Superlattices and Microstructures. 102, 27-34



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