Dr Maria-Ines Martinez Herrero

School of Health and Social Care
Dr Maria-Ines Martinez Herrero



  • PhD Social Work Durham University, (2017)

  • MA Social Research Methods Durham University, (2011)

  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate degree [Licenciatura] Psychology National University of Distance Education, (2014)

  • Undergraduate degree [Diplomatura] Social Work Complutense University of Madrid, (2009)


University of Essex

  • Social Work Lecturer, Centre for Social Work, School of Health and Social Care, University of Essex (1/8/2018 - present)

Other academic

  • Social Work Lecturer, Social Work, Education, and Community Wellbeing, Northumbria University (15/3/2015 - 24/7/2018)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Social Work Theory and Methods (HS650)

  • Practice Placement 1 (HS654)


Journal articles (7)

Martinez Herrero, M. and Charnley, H., Resisting neoliberalism in social work education: teaching and learning human rights and social justice in England and Spain. Social Work Education (Special issue on Radical Challenges for Social Work Education)

Martinez Herrero, MI. and Charnley, H., (2019). Human Rights and Social Justice in Social Work Education: A Critical Realist Comparative Study of England and Spain. European Journal of Social Work. 22 (2), 225-237

Martinez Herrero, MI. and Nicholls, J., (2017). Beyond Legalism in Turbulent Times: Re-grounding UK Social Work in a Richer International Human Rights Perspective. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work. 2 (3), 74-85

Martínez Herrero, MI., (2017). El Trabajo Social en Inglaterra: ¿el principio y fin de una profesión para la justicia social?. Cuadernos de Trabajo Social. 30 (2), 343-355

Ioakimidis, V., Santos, CC. and Herrero, IM., (2014). Reconceptualizing social work in times of crisis: An examination of the cases of Greece, Spain and Portugal. International Social Work. 57 (4), 285-300

Martinez Herrero, MI., Ioakimidis, V. and Cruz Santos, C., (2014). Reconceptualizando el trabajo social en Europa del sur: El retorno de la política “en tiempos de malestares”. Servicios Sociales y Política Social. XXXI (106), 11-24

Ioakimidis, V., Martinez-Herrero, I., Yanardağ, U., Farrugia Bennett, C. and Teloni, D., (2013). Austerity and social work in Europe: listening to the voices of resistance. Critical and Radical Social Work. 1 (2), 253-261

Grants and funding



British Association of Social Workers (BASW)

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